5 Ways to Successfully Study from a Study Guide
“I have a test this week. Luckily, my teacher gave us a study guide.” “Awesome. What are you going to[...]
My 10 Favorite Organizing Products for Students
I get a bit giddy around organizational products. I’m a nerd, I know. 🤓 I’m excited about their potential. I[...]
Why Multitasking is the Worst & What You Should Do Instead
“Wow - you seem to have switched some answers here. What was happening when you were working on this?” “Oh,[...]
Holiday Bucket List: 25 Fun Activities for Teens & Families
Do you want to enjoy the holidays, but you’re not where to start? I’ve created a holiday bucket list, brimming[...]
Cozy Holiday Gifts that Both Students & Teachers Will Love
Snow is falling outside your window. But you’re warm inside. There is a mug of hot chocolate on your desk,[...]
How to Be Successful in a Class You Really Dislike
I have a friend who took Biology three times. Yes, three times. He hated the class, so he didn’t complete[...]
How to Promote Gratitude In Your Classroom
You worked for hours writing the perfect lesson plan, but it flops in class. As the kids leave, one smart[...]
How to Actually Reach Your Academic Goals
You’ve created some amazing academic goals for this semester. Maybe you want to perfect those note-taking skills. Or you want[...]
7 Halloween Activities to Enjoy with Your Teen
Your teen doesn’t seem into the fall family activities as she used to be. Maybe those sullen pumpkin patch photos[...]
How Using Colored Pens Can Make You a Better Student
“Open your notebook to page 116. It’s time to take notes.” One of my students took out her pencil bag;[...]
4 Ways to Overcome These Common Organizational Fails
In my old study skills classes, my students' biggest issue wasn’t studying. It was organization, or lack thereof. They were[...]
5 Ways to Ease the Transition into the New School Year
It’s the night before the first day of school. You’re a bit nervous, but also excited. Tomorrow you get to[...]


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