Tutoring Services for Teens & Adult Students

Tutoring Services for Teens & Adult Students

Looking for tutoring services for teens and adult students? You’re in the right spot! I love working with students to fill knowledge gaps, get organized, and learn how to study!

My tutoring services include

  • Content instruction in US History, US Government, Civics, World History, English/ Language Arts
  • Assistance with research and writing
  • Organization and planning
  • Study techniques
  • Test prep for the AP US History, AP US Government, and AP World History exams

Tutoring sessions start at $70/ hour. Group rates are $45/ student.

Online Tutoring Services

Due to the current pandemic, I only tutor online. Even if you live next door to me, I will see you on Zoom!

Online tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home!  Let’s say you live in New York and the commute to Denver would be a bit much. Now you can attend a session from the comfort of your living room. Added bonus: You get to see a *really* exciting wall in my home office. (You heard the sarcasm in that, right?)

I use the video-conferencing software Zoom. It’s totally free for you and only requires 1 small download. Not only does it work on laptops, but tablets as well. In addition to seeing and hearing each other, Zoom allows us to chat (through text), use a whiteboard, and share our screens with each other.

For online tutoring, you will need

  • A computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone
  • high-speed internet connection
  • Zoom app (it’s free!) for talking and working together

Find out more in the video below!

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