5 Ways to Ease the Transition into the New School Year

5 Ways to Ease the Transition into the New School Year

It’s the night before the first day of school. You’re a bit nervous, but also excited. Tomorrow you get to see friends you haven’t seen in months. You will meet your new teachers and get an idea if this year will rock or not.

You’ve already picked that important first-day outfit. That new backpack is sitting by the front door. You’ve memorized your schedule for tomorrow. You even picked out the most amazing playlist for the morning.

Oh, wait! You still have to set your alarm for o’dark thirty tomorrow morning. Man, that’s early! And what about that book you were supposed to read

A new school year is exciting and slightly terrifying for everyone. (My first year teaching I sweated through my blouse during 1st period. Just keeping it real here.) But there are ways to smooth that transition into the new school year and hit the ground running.

5 Ways to Ease the Transition into the New School Year

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Sleep Routine

Waking up early on the first day of school can be killer. (Especially if you’ve been staying up until the wee hours all summer.) You’ll feel like a zombie by the end of the first week.

Instead, create a sleep routine for the school year. At what time do you need to be in bed to get a decent night’s sleep? (Psst, experts recommend that teens get 9-10 hours of sleep a night. Are you getting that much?)

Even during the summer, you can work on that routine.  As you get closer to the first day of school, move your alarm up a few minutes every day. Hopefully, you’ll be used to the early wake time well before the first day!

Back to School Goals

The fastest way to motivate yourself and get yourself working is to set some goals! Start thinking about what positive changes you want to make this school year. Also, begin to think long-term. What do I want to do after high school? Which careers interest me? What education do I need to pursue those careers?

When it’s REAL hard to start working, just reflect on how the task relates to your goals. And boom – you’ll be able to start working!

Get Organized

I freaking ​​​​❤️ school supplies. Getting new supplies and organizing them at the beginning of the school year is a ritual for me. I understand if that doesn’t get you jazzed. 

But having all the supplies you need on hand makes homework, studying, or lesson planning (I see you teachers!) a bit easier. You won’t waste 15 minutes looking for a pair of scissors or your calculator. Or you can get crafty and make your school supplies hard to miss. (And hard for others to walk off with!)

Deal with Anxiety

Maybe it’s not just summer laziness that’s blocking you, but anxiety. (I’m writing this in August 2021. The Delta variant is surging in the U.S., so hello anxiety!) It could be how to handle social distancing, attending a new school, worries about your course load, or dealing with friends. All of those can make academic success that much harder.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help bring your anxiety level down. And the first big one is talking to a trusted adult. A parent, coach, or counselor can help you work through what’s freaking you out and make a plan for how to move forward.

Finish your Summer Assignment

If you’re a student with a summer assignment, PLEASE finish and turn it in on time. This is your first grade of the school year AND your first impression on your new teachers. Make it good.

If you have a few weeks until that summer assignment is due, read this for tips. If it’s due tomorrow, read this.

I’m hoping these ideas will help you transition into the new school year a bit more easily this year!

How do you transition to the new school year? Let me know in the comments below!

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