My Top Posts of 2020: Learning and Lockdowns

My Top Posts of 2020: Learning and Lockdowns

As we happily say good-bye to 2020 and hello to 2021, I want to return to some of my top posts from 2020.

While I still focused on study skills, organization, and parenting teens, obviously the events of this year affected my content. Some of my most popular posts dealt with lockdowns, remote learning, and anti-racism.

I used a combination of page views and social shares to pick these ten gems from the blog. If you missed one of these posts, take a few minutes to check one out today!

My Top Posts of 2020: Learning and Lockdowns

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10. 27 Hopefully Quotes to Give You Strength in Isolation

Unfortunately, December 2020 isn’t much better than March. Revisit some of these quotes as we work out way through the winter.

9. How to Set Up an Academic Planner for Success

With way more time on their own, teens (and adults) are learning how to manage their time, even more, this year. Find out how to finally set up that darn planner!

8. Safe at Home? Resources for Self-Isolation

When the world changed abruptly in March, I posted these links for resources. Many are still useful today!

7. How Do You Thank Teachers When School Is Closed?

While I wrote this in April, it was just as important in December. Many of these ideas will work when schools reopen, as well!

6. Why Rereading the Textbook is a Waste of Time

Find out why this tried-and-trued study technique just isn’t useful and find out how to study instead.

5. Resources for Talking to Teens about Race and Racism

The events and protests of the summer brought race into daily conversation. Don’t let that stop! Grab these resources to keep it going or just educate yourself!

4. How to Paraphrase Your Notes & Learn More

You’ve been told over and over, “Don’t write down everything word for word. Instead, paraphrase.” But how? Find why WHY you should be paraphrasing and how to get started.

3. Reflecting on this Strange Quarantine School Year

Take a few minutes to reflect on this weird, historic year – what worked, what didn’t, how did you respond to challenges, what changes do you want to make going forward?

2. Summer 2020 Bucket List for Teens

We were all looking for activities this summer – stay safe and have fun was my motto! Take a look because many of these work in the winter!

1. 11 Life Skills All Teens Need to Know

Honestly, this post blew all the others away! Clearly, we were all home more and wanted to keep ourselves as occupied as can be.

What was your favorite post of 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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