Top 10 Posts of 2019: Organization, Study Skills & Teens

Top 10 Posts of 2019: Organization, Study Skills & Teens

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is about to end. Cliched but true, time flies the older you get. Also cliche, a top posts of 2019 list. I follow a lot of bloggers and love their best-of lists. It reminds me about their best posts and what I learned from them this year.

This year, my blog focused a lot on productivity and study strategies. Additionally, I launched a new course, Note Taking Mastery, and expanded my tutoring business. What were the highlights of 2019 for you?

I want to wrap up the year with some of my top posts from 2019 on organization, study skills, and working and living with teens. I used a combination of page views and social shares to pick these ten gems from the blog. 

Top 10 LP Tutoring Posts of 2019

top posts 2019

10. 9 Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Teen

This one was fun to create and blew up this holiday season.  If you didn’t catch any of these, bookmark this for next year!

9. Help Your Teen Have a Fun & Productive Summer

For all those teens (especially rising 11th an 12th graders) who have stuff to do in the summer, find out how to do that and still enjoy your summer.

8. How to Be Productive When You Just Don’t Want To

We seemed to be on a productivity kick this year. Lest’s face it – we all have times when we don’t want to do anything even though we have a super long list. Find out how to kick your butt in gear!

7. 8 Ways Teachers Can Practice Self Care

teacher self care

As a teacher, there are definitely times I should have taken better care of myself. You can’t pour from an empty cup; take care of yourself so you can take care of your students.

6. How to Spend the Summer Before Senior Year

Speaking of summers, there are some tasks that are very specific for rising seniors. Do them the summer before and you will save yourself some stress later in the fall!

5. Why Retrieval Practice Will Help You Learn More

retrieval practice

I’m seriously in love with the learning strategy and talk about it all.the.time with my tutoring students. Whether you’re a student or teacher, you need to check out this post and find how to use retrieval practice right now!

4. How to Write Thank You Notes: A Guide for Teens

Whether it’s Christmas gifts or a college recommendation, the polite (and smart) thing to do is write a meaningful thank you note. Get some free scripts to get you started!

3. Get the Best Organization Apps for Students

Let’s face it, organization is key for academic success. Grab some of these apps (I still love them!) and get organized!

2. 5 Ways to Prepare for the Big Exam

prepare big exam

It seems that a lot of you had a big exam this year – whether it’s a final, an AP or IB exam, or a the SAT, these tips will help you prepare for and succeed on that exam!

 1. 6 Awesome Activities for your Study Group

Study Group Activities

Yay – y’all are jumping on the study group bandwagon! Study groups are such a fabulous way to lighten your workload and review for an exam or test. Get some ideas for what to actually DO in that study group.

So, that was the top posts of 2019. I hope this year helped you get organized, study more efficiently, take better notes, and work with the teens in your life just a bit better!

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What do you want to see on the blog in 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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