Why I’m Thankful for the Teens in my Life

Why I’m Thankful for the Teens in my Life

“Wow – you teach high school? That must be rough. Teenagers are horrible.”


I have heard variations of that phrase over and over again through the years. Have you? Have you said it yourself? Everyone seems to hate teenagers. And I get it. They can be awful at times.


However, my overall experience with teens has been pretty darn positive. (Why would I teach high school for 15 years if this wasn’t true?) So, this season I want to rehabilitate teens’ reputation.


This fall, I put the call out to my readers, former coworkers, and fellow tutors to tell me why they love the teens around them – their own children, their students, their athletes, their employees. I received over 30 responses that just melted my frozen little heart. Seriously, I almost teared up when I read what people wrote.



So, let’s get this lovefest started!


Why I’m Thankful for the Teens in my Life

I am thankful that teens allow me to be an important part of their lives. It is so exhilarating to see an adult forming in front of your eyes. They are deciding who they are, what music and TV shows they like, their politics, and who they want to be friends with. It is humbling to me to be a part of that process. I rarely get to see my students all grown up, oh but when I do! One of my former students was on a reality competition show this year and I was so proud of the smart, ambitious, and well-spoken woman she has become. Working with teens can be such hard work at times, but the payoff is so worth it!

– Louisa Porzel (that’s me!), tutor and former teacher


Her hard work and dedication.

– Shari, parent


I love seeing them learn about life. Everything is so new and fresh that they have to stumble and fall before they grow. I teach freshmen, and I love being able to see them start high school as awkward . . . gangly ninth graders and then see them become these mature and beautiful adults. It is so cool!

– Katherine, Teacher at Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, @themuggleteacher


I love their enthusiasm for life and their curiosity!

 – Sara, parent


Their enthusiasm for life, and lack of fear to try new things.

 – Angela, parent and teacher


Their resilience!  Being a teen is the worst sometimes, but no matter how dramatic, difficult, or confusing life gets, teens always find a way to make it work, learn from experiences and come out on the other side more mature, more able to navigate future situations (and usually with a sense of humor!)

 – Jamie, Teen Therapist, Colorado Teen Therapy


Their unique view of the world and the amazing ideas they have about everything.

 – Pam, parent and teacher, Dandelion Connection


How passionate they are about their ideas, convictions, and hobbies!

 – Madeleine, teacher


Their innocence. Most still see the world through kind eyes.

 – ESPANGLISH, www.espanglish.us


Fabulous teachers and mentors

 – Karin, parent

thankful for teens
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

I am thankful for their ability to see the sides of things that most of us would miss.

 – Janice, Parent and retired teacher, New Teacher Mountain


I love that teens see the world differently than I do.  They remind me often to step back and see another perspective that either I was unaware of or too close to see.  Teens keep me humble.

 – Adrianne Meldrum, parent and tutor, Math for Middles


Not giving into drama…cares what others think…thinks before saying things to friends

 – Addie, parent


I think that teens are the coolest people out there. I’m thankful for their fresh perspective on life, their sense of humor, and their ability to keep it real.

 – Anonymous, parent and teacher, WNY Dyslexia Specialists, LLC


Their sense of always wanting to get things right, and their budding sense of the world and how they fit in. They also are more aware of social injustices, and want to grow up to make the world right.

 – Neena, teacher


He works hard so he has time to play hard.

 – Kaylene, parent


I appreciate working with teens because they keep me smiling! As teens form their independent identities, it’s so fun to watch them experiment with who they are, who they want to be, and what that means about the ways they show up in the world. It’s such a joy to witness them develop their sense of self, and I’m constantly impressed by the massive, diverse amounts of self-expression teens take on. I’m beaming just thinking about the songs and poems my clients and students have written… the plays they’ve acted in… the games they’ve won… the stories they’ve told.

 – Courtney, Teen Coach, Courtney Harris Coaching


They are responsible!  They watch skyward and take charge of their grades.

 – Shauna, parent, Shauna Hunt Photography 


The sweet moments when she looks out for her little sister.

 – Amy, parent

Photo by Suleman Mukhtar

Their curiosity and creativity

 – Sarah, parent


Their willingness to help out when my life is crazy. The way that they treat their friends and how kind they are to others. Their willingness to serve and help others – even when it is inconvenient for them. The way they make our family work together and have fun together.

 – Anonymous, parent


She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s smart, funny, and can hold her own.

 – Sheri, parent

Their acceptance of their phase of life: impending adulthood. Their love and zest for smaller children. How they wholeheartedly commit to something they love.

 – Anonymous, parent and teacher


Their sense of humour, their sense of fun, their passion about their future and their sense of respect for the people and the world around them

 – Cai Graham, Parenting Expert, Peak Parenting


Their excitement about what the world has to offer.

 – Shanae, parent and teacher


I am thankful just to have her. She is witty, creative, curious, passionate (about every little thing), she brings out my strengths and teaches me how to overcome my weaknesses.

 – Shannon, parent, Food with Thought


Her sense of humor

 – Jo, parent


I’m thankful that they can still find the fun in things and develop little touchstones or phrases among themselves to build unity with each other. Young teens especially are still excellent into entering a world of make-believe.

 – Judy, teacher


Their insight into the world around them.

 – Gabrielle, tutor, Step Ahead Tutoring Services


I love watching them mould and shape their personalities and really begin to discover who they are. I am thankful they allow me to be part of their journey ❤

 – Rebekkah, parent 

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Why are you thankful for the teens in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thankful for Teens | Parenting Teens | #thankful

Thankful for Teens | Parenting Teens | #thankful

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