How Do You Thank Teachers When School is Closed?

How Do You Thank Teachers When School is Closed?

To say 2020 has had a rocky start is the understatement of the century. Most schools closed VERY abruptly. Teachers had to completely change the way they teach, make it work online, and still carry on during a worldwide pandemic. But teachers just kept teaching.

Like so many, my daughter’s teachers are amazing. And I want to say “thank you” in the best way I can this Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers have really shown up for kids this year in many new ways.

But if school is closed for the rest of the academic year, how do you show your thanks? You can’t just drop a gift off or give the teacher a well-deserved hug. It’s time to get creative and thank your teachers!

How Do You Thank Teachers When School is Closed?

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Teacher Thank you notes

In all my years of teaching, thoughtful notes were the gifts I most appreciated. Considering how rough this school year has been, teachers could use some positive messages of love and appreciation

Take 10 minutes and write a thank you note to the teacher. What do you love about him or her? What has the teacher done to make you or your child feel seen/ loved/ special? How has that teacher made this school year better?

While words are always nice, feel free to get creative. Draw something or have a younger child color a picture for the teacher. Just take a quick pic! Hold on to the original and give it in person in the fall!

Send that letter or artwork in an email to the teacher – no contact necessary. But go a step further and CC his or her administrator as well. Administrators are often only contacted when there is a problem, but let them know how awesome your teacher is!!

Electronic Gifts

This is the year of the electronic gift card, friend! You can buy a gift card to most major retailers – Amazon, Target, Starbucks – and send it electronically to the teacher’s e-mail. That’s right – your teacher still gets that sweet gift card they REALLY want – without having to Clorox the card down. 

If you know the teacher well enough, buy a gift card to someplace they would love. She likes to craft? Michael’s gift card. He ❤️ burritos? Get a Chipotle gift card. If you’re not sure, just go with a gift card to Target or Amazon – they never go out of style.

You can do this solo or band together with others for a big gift. Your choice! Group cards re more common in elementary school, while solo is more common at the higher grades.

Another option – does the teacher have an Amazon wishlist or DonorsChoose list? If so, purchase items or donate to fulfill the teacher’s request!


If you really want to thank the teacher in person, give him an IOU for the fall. At that point, you could give any of the gifts here or here. Just make sure to follow through! No really, please follow through.

Teacher Thank You Extra Credit

Social Media Shoutout

Use a line or 2 from that thank you note and share it on your own social media, to neighborhood FB groups, or the school’s social media. Let everyone know your school has incredible teachers!

Classroom Appreciation Collage

I love this idea for a FREE appreciation collage you can send the teacher from Room Mom Rescue. This is geared toward elementary classrooms, but would work well for a high school coach or club sponsor.

Video Testimonials

Work with others to create an appreciation video for your teacher. Have students and families record short messages of appreciation and put them together into a video to send the teacher. Let the tears start to roll!

I hope these ideas get you thinking about ways to thank teachers and let them know they are appreciated and loved. 

How did you show your teacher appreciation during school closures? Let me know in the comments below!

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