Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers are frickin' amazing. They show up everyday, teach our kids, love our kids, discipline our kids, and spend their afternoons and evenings grading and lesson planning for our kids. And then they come back the next day.

While anytime is a good time to show your teachers some love, there are some days set during the year where it's a bit more expected. In the US, Teacher Appreciation Week is usually the first week in May. Often, families also provide a gift at Christmas, as well.

I have lots of ideas (from both seasons) for how to say thanks to the teachers in our lives - from FUH-REE to not-so-free. Check them out below!

And if the gift is due today, grab a card or piece of paper and write a note from the heart. #bestgift

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How do you say thanks to your teachers? Let me know in the comments below!