Why Summer is the Best Time for Tutoring

Why Summer is the Best Time for Tutoring

I’ve taught summer school several times and really enjoyed it. And even my students seemed to enjoy it. Why? Because summer school is WAAAY more laid back than regular school. (And I taught seniors whose graduation was on the line.)

The classes tend to be smaller, so I could give more one-on-one attention. While there was a curriculum, I could make changes easily based on the kids’ needs. Since school was out, the kids had few other things to focus on or worry about. It was pretty awesome. And darn similar to summer tutoring.

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Often, parents want to take the summer off from tutoring. While I understand wanting to give your child a break, summer is actually the ideal time for tutoring. Without school, everyone is less stressed. Summer tutoring can really focus on skills and knowledge gaps. And it doesn’t take a lot of time – 1-2 hours per week. Your kid can still have a fantastic summer even with regular tutoring.

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Why Summer is the Best Time for Tutoring

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Less stress

Kids often start tutoring during the school year due to low grades. The culprit is usually a gap in skills or knowledge. As a tutor, my goal is always to get that grade up as quickly as possible, but it often means a juggling act. I teach missing skills AND class content at the same time. As midterms or final exams loom, new content tends to take over.

In the summer, however, you don’t have that concern. There is no assigned reading to review or tests to study for. Instead, we can just focus on those knowledge gaps. We work on writing or analysis skills, organize a student planner, and get organized for the next school year. It’s all just so stress-free

But all that work in the summer will pay off when school starts. And if problems persist during the school year, it’s more about making tweaks than starting from scratch.

More flexible schedules

Sometimes trying to schedule tutoring sessions during the school year can be a game of tetris. Between my student’s school, extra-curricular, and work schedules, it can be tough. However, the summer offers much more flexible schedules. The kids suddenly have way more time because school and most extracurriculars are done.

Yes, we have to work around vacations, but that can be done. And thanks to the internet, summer tutoring doesn’t have to pause for a family trip. I’ve successfully tutored while on vacation. Taking 1 hour to work on math or writing will not ruin vacation, but it will keep those skills from getting rusty.

Get ahead on content

For some students, summer is the best time to get ahead. Your child can get a jump on the school year, working on skills or content that will be taught. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of commitments during the school year and won’t have much time for tutoring.

Combat summer slide

Summer slide is the tendency for children to lose academic skills over summer break. It’s a real thing, people. However, it doesn’t take much to keep those academic skills from disappearing. Summer tutoring can keep your child on grade-level and ready for the next school year.

Group classes or camps

If your child needs help with particular skills or is prepping for the SAT or ACT, there is probably a class or camp they can take. Instead of breaking it out over several months, you can get a lot of work done in a week or two. And your kid will get to hang out with other kids, as well.

Hey, working parents – you just hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Childcare AND tutoring. Boom.

If you’re looking for something particular, I recommend asking in neighborhood FB groups, Nextdoor, or just searching on Google.

Hopefully, I gave you some encouragement to try tutoring this summer. If your teen needs help with study skills or organization, you can schedule a FREE 30-minute session with me! 

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