Fun and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Fun and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Teens

When I was dating the man who became my husband, I figured out really quickly that Christmas is his jam. He is obsessed. However, when we were comparing family traditions, I found out that his parents didn’t do Christmas stockings. {Gasp!} I know. No stocking stuffers!

I think that stockings are actually my favorite part of the holiday. I love opening mine, but I enjoy filling my other family members’ stockings even more. What is the candy-gift ratio? What is their favorite candy? Book? Hobby? Will she like socks? (Yes.) Will he get the joke? (Probably.)

The other thing I like about stocking stuffers is that they are often practical. Yes, there is a chocolate orange at the bottom, but Mom also threw in those wicking socks and some fancy body wash.

Stocking gifts are also so easy to personalize! Just enter the type of item you want + your teen’s latest obsession. Example – journal and Riverdale. Boom! (There are SO many Riverdale-themed journals on Amazon. No joke.)

If you’re still on the hunt for larger items, head over to my other post on teen Christmas gifts or gifts specifically for remote learners. (Hint: They will all make your teen a better student!) Also, don’t want more things in your house? Give an experience gift instead!

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Fun And Useful Stocking Stuffers for Teens

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School Supplies

I use sticky notes all.the.time to remind myself to get stuff done, buy items at the store, write short notes to my significant other, etc. Grab this set of sticky notes for 1 kid or break them up amongst several kids!

Journals are so handy to have around. Your teen can use it to take notes in class, use as a gratitude journal, personal diary, travel journal. This journal works for men or women, though other colors are available as well. 

Now that your teen has a lovely journal to write in, it’s time to get them something to write with. These compliment pencils are just the thing to brighten her day. If you’re looking for something more masculine, Amazon has engraved pencils for just about any interest. Colored pens are an alternative as well. These Inkjoy pens are my favorites – saturated colors that last forever!

What better place to put those new pens or pencils than in this pencil case! I seriously love getting supplies organized. And it’s so easy with this case!

Hydration is a necessity. But sometimes those bulky water bottles can be a real pain. This collapsible water bottle can clip onto the bag or bike. Once your teen is done drinking, it folds up for easy travel.

Personal Items

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Christmas falls in the dead of winter. As someone who lives in a cold, dry winter climate (hello Rocky Mountains!) lip balm is required. This lip balm set works well for men or women and is all-natural.

Winter is prime flu and cold season. And let’s face it – schools are basically giant Petri dishes. Help your teen keep their hands clean on the go with these mini hand sanitizer sets. While some folks love the scented ones, I prefer unscented ones. Whatever floats your teen’s boat! This is also a great item to split among several teens.

These sprays came out a few years ago and, at first, I wondered if they were real. They are. Sometimes you just have to go when you’re on the go. Your teen can throw this Poo-Pourri Spray in their bag and spare themselves any anxiety.

I feel like socks have gotten a bad rap as a Christmas present. I LOVE getting socks in my stocking. As a Coloradan, I live in wool socks all winter long.  However, if you live in a warmer climate, I would go with shorter ones. These Dobby socks are perfect for a Harry Potter fan. But you can find socks for any interest or obsession. 


So many tweens and teens in my neighborhood ride bikes to school. But once time changes, they are often biking home in the dark. Get these bike lights to keep your teen safe!

For the student who is walking to class or waiting on a bus, this beanie will keep her head warm AND allow her to listen to her favorite podcast at the same time.

Anytime I travel with earbuds, I feel like I spend several hours just unknotting the cords. This small case will keep those earbuds clean and tangle-free. 

You’ve noticed these pop sockets on all the kids’ phones, right? They act as a hand grip and also a stand for the phone. So useful and so easy to customize. Again, just look up “pop sockets” and your teen’s latest obsession to find the perfect one!

This Christmas light phone charger isn’t completely necessary, but your kid has to charge her phone anyway, right? This will just add a little something something to the process 

All Things Books

This bookmark/ reading light is perfect for the bookworm or just someone sharing a bedroom. Or can we talk about the magic that is magnetic bookmarks? I love these Harry Potter ones, but you can find some for any fandom.

Sometimes life is too fast to read a book, but you might be able to listen to one! Get your teen an Audible membership this year! They get to download up to 3 books a month. There is even a 30-day trial that includes 2 free audiobooks!

Sometimes, you can be literary without giving a single book. These figurines are available for most popular series and fandoms. I clearly love Hermione, so I decided to showcase this Hermione figurine.

Hopefully, you feel inspired to get some awesome (but useful) stocking stuffers for the teens in your life! Happy Shopping!

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