Help Your Teen Have a Fun & Productive Summer

Help Your Teen Have a Fun & Productive Summer

School’s out for summer! As both a student and a teacher I looked forward to summer vacation, probably even more as a teacher.

While I do believe in an old-fashioned summer for kids, that doesn’t mean that your teen should stare at a screen the whole time. My summers always included some educational components, usually disguised as a fun activity. (My mom was sneaky that way!) Your teen can enjoy their summer and still be productive!

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Summer is an ideal time to get ahead for the next year. Your teen might have a summer assignment or wants to prepare for a standardized exam like the SAT or ACT. He can also get organized for the next school year!

Plan for a Fun & Productive Summer

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Start planning right away with your teen. Make a list of things that MUST be done over the summer, activities your teen hopes happen this summer, and any commitments, such as vacations, camps, or work. Have your teen place all those commitments in their planner – and yes, they still need a planner over the summer.

Working with your teen, schedule time for each of the must-dos and select a few want-to-dos. Try to spread all of these out over the long summer. And avoid over-scheduling; leave time open for some summer laziness!

Not sure what your teen should be doing this summer? I’ve got some ideas! Some are more academic in nature, while others sneak learning and productivity in!

Prepping for Next Year

Stay Busy (and Learn)

A little planning up front can ensure that your teen has a good time this summer, but also uses their brain, too!

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