Prepare for Back-to-School: Make It a Great Year

Prepare for Back-to-School: Make It a Great Year

I’m a planner, especially when it comes to Back-to-School season. This lady prepares early. So, I planned my first day of school outfit several weeks in advance. As one does.

However, one year I did not account for Restaurant Week. If your city doesn’t have RW, here it is in a nutshell. Local restaurants provide a fixed price meal for lunch or dinner during the week. Each meal is 3 courses of deliciousness. This is 2 more courses than I would normally order.

I met with friends three, yes three, times the week before school started for meals and ate a ton of food. When I went to put on my trousers for the first day of school, they didn’t fit. Whoops! I had to change my entire outfit at the last minute. #stillworthit

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I say this to remind you that we can plan and hope for how that first day will go, but it may not go that way. Be ready to make some changes on the fly and accept things the way they are.

Now, that is not to say you shouldn’t prepare for Back-to-School. Luckily, I’d already picked out my outfit for the 2nd day (a dress) and slipped into that. I didn’t lose much time that morning and still made it to school at the time I wanted to arrive. Planning saved my butt that day and made sure that the new school year started smoothly.

While you may not see every twist the first few weeks of school will throw at you – schedule change, new teachers, unexpected assignments – some planning ahead of time can help you weather those twists and turns.

Here are some ways to prepare for Back-to-school this year:

How to Prepare for Back-to-School

Start the Year with a Bang

Shopping and Supplies

For Parents

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Hey Mom and Dad! I see you reading this and know you want some concrete ways you can help your kiddo have the best possible school year. Here are some posts just for you!

While these posts won’t keep you from overeating the week before school, they will help you to plan for life little adventures! And yes, you can still enjoy the last weeks of summer, while planning for the new school year!

What is your favorite way to prepare for Back-to-School? Let me know in the comments below!

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