4 Ways to Overcome These Common Organizational Fails

4 Ways to Overcome These Common Organizational Fails

In my old study skills classes, my students’ biggest issue wasn’t studying. It was organization, or lack thereof. They were the type of kids who just seem to shed papers. Backpacks doubled as trash cans. School supplies were constantly missing. So smart and just drowning.

But they (and you!) don’t have to. You can get organized if you can just get past these common organizational fails. These are issues that have come up again and again with my students and clients. I have some ideas for how to avoid them and what to do instead!

Let’s jump in and get organized for school!

4 Ways to Overcome These Common Organizational Fails

Ignoring It

Ignoring the piles of papers, unnamed files in your Google Drive, or forever hunting for school supplies isn’t going to fix your problems. In fact, they will only get worse over time. They can only be fixed by action on your part.

If you’re overwhelmed, make a list and prioritize what needs to be done. If that’s still too much, start with the smallest project and work your way up to the biggest one.

Not sure where to start? Here are some organizing blogs and people I love. While these are home organization experts, they will often have ideas for offices, school supplies, and systems.

Using Systems that Don’t Work For You

We all organize a bit differently. Some of us want to see all our things and others want to hide all the things. (Team Hide Stuff, right here.) You need to organize in a way that works for you. 

I love how Cassandra Aarsen describes it – what makes you calm? Figure that out and work from there. If you like throwing all your writing utensils into a basket, do it. If you need to separate pens from pencils from markers and place them in separate bins, do that. 

Spending a Ton of $$

Listen, I love the Container Store probably more than most people. But it’s expensive. The reality is that you can find containers that will do the same job at the Dollar Store. I created this homework caddy for less than $10 and it gets the job done.

homework caddy

Don’t forget to shop your own house! We have a closet where we store baskets and bins not currently being used. See if there are places where you can consolidate some bins and then snag one for yourself.

Failing to Keep Systems Up

This is the biggest problem most people have. Organizational systems don’t happen by accident and they don’t stay in place by accident. You have to keep putting in the work.

I send out an email each week on Friday. Last Friday morning, I realized I’d forgotten to write the email the day before. Yikes! It turned out I hadn’t written it down in my planner. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Plan a weekly organizing check-in. Update your planner, clean out your bag, or restock that homework caddy. It only takes about 10 minutes, but it will allow you to stay organized all year long.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you avoid these fails and get started organizing right away!

What organizational fails have you fallen into? Let me know in the comments below!

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