Get the Best Organization Apps for Students

Get the Best Organization Apps for Students

“Um, why are you taking out your cell phone in class? You know it’s against the rules.”

“Yeah, but I want to take a picture of the homework you wrote on the board. I won’t be able to write it down before class ends and I definitely won’t remember it. But if I take a picture, I’ll be sure to do it.”

This was the first moment I realized that cell phones could be helpful in my classroom. Prior to this, I just thought of phones as a way for kids to waste time and cheat on tests. But my student was so savvy, using his cell phone for more than just texting his friends and posting on social media!

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Over the next few years, I started to need kids to have their phones in class – to take pictures of assignments, participate in review games, sign up for text messages from ME, and to send me files they *forgot* to send earlier.

Once I bought my own smartphone, I started using a number of organization apps that helped me take control of my own lives – personal, professional, and academic. You can pry my digital grocery list from cold, dead fingers. (Is that weird?)

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There are a ton of apps that can help students and teens with organization. (And also time management!) I’ve dug through a bunch of organization apps and pulled out the best for you! These apps will help students of all ages and teens get and stay organized. And even better, all these apps are FREE!

Get the Best Organization Apps for Students

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Calendar/ Planner

Google Calendar – free

This is my go-to for calendar needs. It works across platforms (phone, tablet, computer) and is super easy to use. I find it especially useful to track events, but not so much homework.

myHomework – free

Gah, I love this app! It’s the perfect digital planner for students. Enter in your class schedule and it will set up your planner. Then bust it out in each class to write down homework assignments. It can color code for you, send you reminders on your phone, and it works across devices and platforms.

To-Do List

Google Keep – free

This app allows you to create multiple to-do lists. And don’t forget my favorite part – the checkbox feature! You can also jot down notes, take pictures, and even write notes on the pictures (perfect for getting homework on the fly!) Since this is a Google product, it also syncs with your Calendar or Drive.

Remember the Milk – free

This is also a simple to-do list. It allows you to categorize and even create multiple steps for a task. (This would be useful if you’re working on a long-term project!) If you don’t like multiple lists, you can use tags instead. Can we say color-coding?? You can also share your lists with other people – parents, study group members, etc.

File Storage

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Google Drive – free

You might be noticing a trend here. But Google products are so easy to use and they are free! I use Google Drive every single day. It’s a great replacement for a word processing program AND stores all my files. Though beware the dangers of digital disorganization!

Dropbox– free

I love this option as well, especially if you have multiple Google accounts and are sick of hunting through each of them for your stuff. Create a single Dropbox account and access the files in them anywhere, anytime.


30/30 – free

This is a study timer. While I usually recommend using a real timer (and keeping your phone in another room), sometimes only your phone will do. Be sure to turn off all the other notifications (airplane mode should help) and turn on this app. The default time is 30 minutes, but you can change it to 25 minutes if you’re using the Pomodoro Technique.

Forest – free

You can use this “timer” anytime when your mind tends to wander – doing the dishes, watching TV, or studying. Instead of a timer, you grow a tree. The longer you work, the bigger the tree grows.

The awesome thing about this app is that you can use it with friends. All members of your study group can grow a tree together by setting the timer and putting their phones away. This way you can just concentrate on the content you’re studying. If someone gives in and checks their phone, the tree dies. Whomp-whomp!

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So, grab some of these organization apps and get organized! Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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