LP Tutoring now tutors online – try us out today!

LP Tutoring now tutors online – try us out today!

Such exciting news y’all! LP Tutoring now tutors online! That’s right! You live in New York and the commute to Denver would be a bit much? Now you can attend a session from the comfort of your living room. Added bonus: You get to the see a *really* exciting wall in my home office. (You heard the sarcasm in that, right?)


I’m offering the same services online that I provide in-person. I specialize in middle and high school Social Studies, including AP US History, AP World History, and AP US Government and Politics. I also tutor English/ Language Arts, research and writing skills, organization, study skills, and test prep.



Why Tutor Online?

I want to help as many students as possible. For some reason, not all the kids live within 10 miles of my own house!  Online tutoring provides flexibility for both me and my students. 

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We don’t have to worry about traffic or the weather. Time differences can also work in our favor. You live in Florida and need a later appointment. I live in Colorado and want to go to bed early. However, due to the magic of time zones and online tutoring, our appointment time works for both of us.


How does online tutoring work?

We are using the video-conferencing software Zoom. It’s totally free for you and only requires 1 small download. Not only does it work on laptops, but iPads as well. In addition to seeing and hearing each other, Zoom allows us to text chat, use a whiteboard, and share our screens with each other.


What do I need?

You will need a laptop or iPad with high-speed internet access and the Zoom app.


What if my wifi goes down, my computer dies, etc?

Ahh, technology. I have planned many a lesson plan that went down in flames when the server went down. It happens. We will try to solve the problem immediately. If that doesn’t work, we will reschedule the rest of the appointment.


Not sure about online tutoring?

Initially, I was worried, too. However, I have been tutoring online for the past year using other platforms and it has been a breeze.  I made this nifty little video that lets you test drive online tutoring a bit. 


Just in case you’re still on the fence, I offer a FREE 30-minute trial session. Figure out if you like working online (and whether you like me!) Seriously, there are no strings attached.


If you’re ready to take the plunge (or really just a small jump!) into online tutoring, schedule your FREE 30-minute trial session now!

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