How to Improve Your Grades in 4 Weeks

How to Improve Your Grades in 4 Weeks

“Hey, Ms. P. My grades aren’t that great right now. What can I do to improve it?”

“Well, the semester ends this week. So at this point, nothing. I wish you’d come to me a month ago because there are so many things you could have done.”

“Is there any extra cre-”

“No. Please don’t ask me for something that you know doesn’t exist.”

Yikes! I had this conversation so.many.times while I was teaching. Struggling kids wouldn’t come to me for help until literally the end of the marking period. By that point, it was just too late to improve their grades.

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But if they just came to me 4 weeks earlier! That is plenty of time to make major positive changes! Think of all the missed assignments to be turned in, tests to retake, and big projects to prepare for. These are all chances to improve your grades in 4 weeks.

How to Improve Your Grades in 4 Weeks

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Week 1 – Planning

Meet with Your Teacher

First things first, you need to meet with your teacher. Set up a time to meet by speaking to her in person and/ or sending an e-mail. During that meeting, ask to review your current grade. (Teachers are human and sometimes make mistakes.) 

Other questions to ask your teacher during that meeting: 

  • Will you accept late work? 
  • Are there any assignments I can redo? 
  • What major assignments are coming up and how should I prepare for them? 
  • When is a good time for me to stay after for help?

Make a plan

Grab that planner and list of assignments. It’s time to schedule those assignments to make sure they are completed and turned in. Pick specific times to work on each and write it in your planner. Ex – Tues @ 7:30 Finish Fruit Fly lab

Test Analysis

Get your last few quizzes and tests and run a quick test analysis on them. What types of questions trip you up? What content are you still struggling with? Then focus on these when you study for the next test.

Week 2 – Get to work

Complete missed work

Any zeros in the gradebook are killing your grade. Find out what assignments are missing and can still be turned in, even if you only get 50% on it. Half is still better than nothing. Be sure to turn these assignments in as soon as possible. 

Retakes and Test Corrections

If you have the chance to retake a quiz or test, DO IT. Any grade will be better than the one you got originally. More importantly, actually study for the darn retake. Test corrections are a gift from the gods to your grade. Get that test corrections form and get it done.

Week 3 – Looking Ahead

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Prepare for the Next Big Assignment

Be sure to find out what the next big grade is – test, research paper, project, etc. Whatever it is, you need to hit it out of the park. This is your last chance to make big changes to your grade, so you better do an amazing job.

If it’s a test, study, study, and study some more. If it’s a project, plan out the steps to make sure that you get it done on time.

Check-in with your teacher

Make sure that the teacher received those makeup assignments. Review your current grade, which hopefully has improved already. Are there any other assignments you can complete?

Week 4 – Wrapping it Up

Complete any retakes or test corrections and hand them in! Keep preparing for the next big grade. This is your final week to improve those grades!

Bonus: Extra Credit

If your school still allows extra credit, DO IT. This is a no brainer. Even if it’s more work now, it will pay off in your final grade.

By the end of four weeks, your grade will be higher if you follow through on these steps. Need a checklist to stay on track? I’ve got you! Just click below:

improve low grade

What is the best way you have improved your grades? Let me know in the comments below!

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