How to Build a Better Study Space at Ikea

How to Build a Better Study Space at Ikea

When I first got my own place, I had no money. (Spoiler alert: New teachers don’t make much money.) Consequently, much of my furniture came second-hand or from Ikea.

One of the reasons I love Ikea, other than price, is its size. I lived in small spaces and needed furniture that was similarly sized. My study space for graduate school was tucked into a corner of my bedroom. Luxurious it was not, but it got the job done. 

Just as I did, you can create a study space for yourself. And keep the price low. You really only need a flat surface, something to sit on, a light, and your supplies. (For more on creating or finding a study space, read my post here!) If you have the space and money, feel free to go crazy. But if the space and budget are small, Ikea can be a huge help.

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love Ikea. 🤓 So, let’s dig into my finds for your Ikea study space!

Build Your Dream Study Space at Ikea

ikea study space


You don’t need much here, simply a flat surface. If you have the space, splurge on a big old desk. But most of us just need space for our laptops and maybe a book. I’m currently typing this on a super small kitchen table that I have always used as a desk. Find out ways to organize your desk here.

Micke Desk

ikea study space

This basic desk gets the job done. Plenty of space on top and storage on the side. 

Ingatorp desk

ikea study space

This desk is made for a super small space. It’s narrow and can become even smaller – check out those folding sides! It even has a hole for cords to go in!


You want something that supports you, but isn’t so comfortable that you want to curl up in it and fall asleep.

Kullaberg Swivel Chair

ikea study space

This reminds me of the chairs stools in a science lab. In a good way! 

Flintan / Nominell Swivel Chair

ikea study space

I am sitting in this chair as we speak. I bought it a few years ago to replace a MUCH older IKEA swivel chair. It’s a bit more expensive, but supportive.


You MUST have decent lighting so you can read. Low light = eye strain = nap time.  However, you don’t need a giant chandelier. If you have to move from room to room, consider a small table lamp that can easily be moved.

Ranarp Work Lamp

ikea study space

I love this lamp in black! This is perfect for task lighting – just imagine it right next to your laptop.

Arstid Table Lamp

ikea study space

I had this very lamp on my desk for years. And now it comes in this pretty gold color, as well as silver.

Lampan Table Lamp

ikea study space

This small lamp (less than 1 foot tall) would be perfect for someone who moves from room to room. 


Boxes, bins, and trays – oh my! This is my favorite part in creating a workspace! Everyone needs ways to control the paper and supplies. 

Skadis pegboard

ikea study space

If you have a small space, use the wall and go vertical! This gives you the freedom to design it just for you!

Raskog Utility Cart

ikea study space

I am in love with this cart! You could use it in a permanent study space as storage for supplies. It could also be a giant caddy that rolls with you from room to room. I would definitely put this in a classroom as well!

Dokument Letter Tray

I had this in my classroom and used it every day. I put little labels on each tray, so I knew what papers went in each. Easy peasy!

Flyt Magazine Files

Use these magazine files to keep track of class papers at home. Label each file with a class title and place papers accordingly!

Tjena Desk Organizer

This little desk organizer corrals all your desk supplies or could work as a caddy on the go!

Kvissle Desk Organizer

Perfect for a homework caddy. The inside bottom is lined with cork, which helps to keep everything in place. The handle makes it so easy to carry around!

Dekad Alarm Clock

Keep track of your time with this classic alarm clock. It’s also useful for timing those Pomodoro sessions.

Hopefully, my favorites will inspire you to create your own dream Ikea study space! Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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