30 Holiday Treats to Make with Your Teen

30 Holiday Treats to Make with Your Teen

“Ms. P, Merry Christmas! These cookies are for you!”

My 8th-grade student then spent 5 minutes describing the weekend he spent with his mom, baking all their family favorites. He clearly loved the tradition and spending time with his mom. Remembering his excitement made those cookies even sweeter.

Even though teens may act like they don’t want to be around their parents, they do. And it’s time together that’s not focused on school or grades. Since the product of baking is so delicious, it’s usually pretty easy to convince teens to participate.

Baking not your thing? I have 8 more ways to spend time with your teens. Either way, schedule some quality time with your teen this holiday and make some sweet memories together!

30 Holiday Treats to Make with Your Teen

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Sneak in some education

Before we hit the list, remember that you can impart a few lessons while baking. Make a shopping list and take them shopping with you. Price out the ingredients and figure out how much each cookie or cupcake will cost.

Adjust a recipe up or down to work on those fractions and conversions. What’s ½ of ¾ cup? (Psst – it’s 6 tablespoons. I know my metric readers just rolled their eyes hard.) 

I bake with my preschoolers and we talk about what different ingredients do in the final product and why we follow different steps with ingredients. It can be pretty basic, but still effective.

Let’s face it -sometimes baking doesn’t work out. I bake a lot and still have mistakes. Like the year I had to make THREE pecan pies before I made one that set. 

If the baking goes well – awesome! If it doesn’t, it’s a way to show your teen how to deal with failures. A laugh, maybe some tears, and then Plan B. Or Plan C. Model the behavior you want to see in your own teen.



Cakes and Cupcakes

Have your teen look over this list as well and pick out a few recipes to try together. It’s never too late to start new traditions and make memories!

Which holiday treats do you make with your family this time of year? Let me know in the comments below!

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