Planning a Healthy Lunch to Energize You All Day

Planning a Healthy Lunch to Energize You All Day

You have to leave the house in . . . 10 minutes. Oh jeez. As you swallow breakfast whole, you realize that you need to bring something for lunch.  Um, maybe a sandwich. Where is the mustard? Are there chips in the pantry? Are those cookies even healthy?

It’s finally lunchtime and you realize that half your lunch is sitting at home. You’re stuck eating a sad sandwich and some random crackers. By the afternoon, you are starving and oh-so-tempted to hit that vending machine.

healthy lunch

Your days don’t have to look like this. Instead, imagine that you grab your lunch from the fridge as you eat breakfast. No need to rush and make lunch because you made it last night. High five yourself! Your lunch not only tastes good, but keeps you full all afternoon. You save that money and calories in the afternoon by skipping the vending machine.

You can make that happen for yourself! To help you, I made a weekly lunch planner you can download above! Let’s jump in!

Planning a Healthy Lunch to Energize You All Day

healthy lunch

Plan It

The biggest mistake we make with lunch is not planning. Yes, planning. What foods do you like to eat at lunch? What will help you through until dinner? Are those ingredients already in your house or do you need to buy some? These are all questions you need to answer to get a healthy lunch each day.

Foods you should consider for lunch:

  • Fruits and Vegetables – these superfoods help you feel full longer. Throw in some raw carrots, toss a quick salad, or bring some sauteed broccoli.
  • Wholegrain bread – if you’re eating a sandwich, grab the whole grain bread! The whole grains take longer to digest, so you will feel fuller longer!
  • Lean protein – skip the fast-food hamburger and find some grilled chicken instead. Lean protein will power you through the afternoon and evening.
  • Water – Yes, really. Water is the best way to hydrate. Fill your water bottle before lunch and try to drink as much as possible during your meal.

Meal Ideas

Plan out possible meals for the next week. Try to include all the items mentioned above. As you plan, consider a few other questions: Do you have access to a refrigerator and/ or a microwave during the morning? How do you feel about leftovers? How much variety do you need in your meals?

BTW, if you’re DONE with sandwiches or salads, here are some other ideas for lunch – 

Make a list of the possible lunch meals and all the ingredients for those meals. If you haven’t already, grab the FREE Weekly Lunch Planner I made for you. Scroll up (or down) and click on that button!


Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Use the list you made above to take an inventory of your fridge and pantry. It may turn out that you have some of the items hiding in corners. I’m all about saving money when I can; I’m always excited to discover I have an ingredient on hand already!

Then hit the store! Remember to think about how much storage space you have at home and how quickly you will go through an item. 


I highly recommend making lunch the evening before. I make lunches right after dinner, but that is my personal preference. If you have to, create a reminder on your phone around dinner time.

Design a specific space in the fridge or on the counter to house your lunch bag. Every evening you place your lunch there and can grab it on the way out the door the next morning.

Parents Corner

Hi Mom and Dad! I know you’re here trying to create better lunches for your teens. The best way to make healthy lunches your kids will actually eat is to make them part of the process.

Read this post together. Have them make a list of the types of food they enjoy eating. Consider what the cafeteria looks like at school. Make a shopping list together and bring your teen to the store with you. And your teen should absolutely be making their own lunch, not you.

healthy lunch

How do you plan for a healthy lunch? Let me know in the comments below!

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