Awesome Gifts for the Harry Potter Obsessed Teacher

Awesome Gifts for the Harry Potter Obsessed Teacher

So, I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan. Just a bit.

I’ve written about Harry Potter here and here. And maybe here as well. I’ve read all the books multiple times, seen all the movies, I listen to a podcast, and I’ve got lots of HP clothing. All right, I’m a Harry Potter nerd.

And you know what? So are LOTS of other teachers. At my last school, we spent time talking about our Hogwarts houses (any other Gryffindors around?). When Alan Rickman died, we all wore HP clothes to honor him. And we all had something to wear.

If you have a teacher who is also Harry Potter-obsessed, then consider an HP-inspired gift for Christmas. Believe me, I would have squealed with joy if any of my students gave me these gifts. And yes, I want absolutely everything on this list.

If you really like this teacher and want to personalize the HP gift even more, find out his or her house. And if they are a true fan, they will be able to answer that question in 1.2 seconds.

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Gifts for the Harry Potter Obsessed Teacher

harry potter gifts

School supplies

Journal and Planner: Your teacher can use this as a gratitude journal, diary, or random thoughts!

Ballpoint Pen or Gel Pen: And don’t forget the Harry Potter pens to write in that journal!

Golden Snitch Keyring: You know who carries a lot of keys around? Teachers. There were years when I had 5+ keys just for school.

House Lanyard: You know who has to carry keys and an ID around their neck every day? Teachers. You can get this for any Hogwarts house!

Classroom Decorations

2020 Calendar-a-Day: I loved these types of calendars for my classroom. They are small. But interesting for the teacher AND students.

Let’s face it – most high school classrooms can look . . . kind of bare. Decorators, we are not. Liven up those walls and keep the classroom fully Harry Potter with a printed wall banner or Harry Potter quotes.

Teachers love knick-knacks for their desk! These Harry, Ron, and Hermione figures will liven up that barren desk in no time! Buy them as a set or individually. You know, for the Hermione fan in your life 😄


Many HP fans like to show that fandom through clothes. Grab an item to keep your teacher fully accessorized.

Winter is coming. Wait, wrong books. But it IS cold in the winter and also in the classroom. (Seriously, my classrooms were always freezing!) Grab a scarf in your teacher’s house colors or an infinity scarf for that cold classroom.

If your teacher is a bit more subtle, try a tie (in house colors, of course) or some earrings. You can’t go wrong.

Food and Drink

Teachers drink a lot of coffee. I was the rare teacher without a coffee mug on her desk. Outfit your favorite fan with a mug!

These clever mug changes from the Sorting Hat to a House mug with hot water. Or get this one with all the characters on it!

Maybe your teacher’s travel coffee mug has seen better days – this hot or cold tumbler will be a hit! Or hit your teacher up with this “inspirational” mug for the tough days.

And let’s not forget the Harry Potter sweets!

Chocolate Frogs are a Harry Potter classic and an awesome stocking stuffer. (You may want to order 1 for yourself!)  I bought these Fizzing Whizzbees at Universal Studios and loved them. They really do fizz!

Or you can order this candy bundle and get a chocolate frog, Every Flavor Beans, and candy slugs all at the same time!

I hope I’ve inspired you with some truly magical gifts for the Harry Potter fan/ teacher in your life! Happy Shopping!

What Harry Potter gift did you buy for your teacher? Let me know in the comments below!

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