7 Halloween Activities to Enjoy with Your Teen

7 Halloween Activities to Enjoy with Your Teen

Your teen doesn’t seem into the fall family activities as she used to be. Maybe those sullen pumpkin patch photos were a sign. Then she decided not to trick-or-treat, but just retreated to her room instead. Halloween used to mean family fun, but it seems more like a family funk now.

For many families, enjoying Halloween with littles is easy. Preschoolers and elementary-aged kids love pumpkin patches, costumes, and trick-or-treating. But it’s harder with tweens and teens. They are often too old for trick-or-treating or don’t enjoy the activities from their childhood.

But you can still spend quality time with your teens during the fall! Check out these ideas for ways to hang out with your teen and enjoy the Halloween spirit!

7 Halloween Activities to Enjoy with Your Teen

Pumpkin Patch

So, your teen probably won’t want to take pics in the pumpkin patch, but you never know. It might be time to upgrade to a patch with more activities, like a corn maze or a haunted house. Or find one with some food options for your teen’s inner food critic.

Seasonal Baking

You knew I was going to include this – I love baking too much to leave it out. My kids and I start fall baking on September 1. There are so many fun things you can try for Halloween, from fall flavors to spooky decorations. Hit up my Fall Baking Pinterest board with your teen and make a shopping list!

Halloween decorations

There are a ton of options here. If you and your teen are into spooky decorations, it’s time to get your house ready to scare the neighborhood kids. You can also take an evening to carve those pumpkins you bought at the pumpkin patch. Or you can take a walk and check out your neighbors’ decorations.

Rate Halloween Snacks

Have you ever watched videos where the hosts eat and rate snacks? I always end up starving after watching those! But hit the store with your kid to find Halloween or fall-specific snacks – candy corn, pumpkin spice flavored anything, apple donuts, Halloween candy – and have a tasting with your family.

Movie Night

Make a list of spooky movies or shows you want to binge together. Grab some popcorn and Halloween candy (naturally) and settle down for some spooks and thrills!

Handing out Candy

Honestly, this is how I spent most of my Halloweens as an older teenager. I loved seeing all the little ones in costumes. Many of my students do this as well. If possible, do this with your teen. Make it a game – how many of this costume or that one? Which is the best costume? How many kids total?

Halloween party

Hey there, hero parent! If you want to know where your teen is on Halloween, let them throw a Halloween party. Depending on your level of comfort and COVID spread in your town, you can keep it to a small group and host it outdoors. Search for Halloween Minute To Win It games to have some fun!

There is no one way to enjoy Halloween with your teen. Most importantly, get them in on the planning. How do they want to celebrate with you? You’ll get much more cooperation if they are part of the planning process.

How are you going to celebrate Halloween with your teen? Let me know in the comments below!

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