12 Essential Holiday Gifts for Remote Learners

12 Essential Holiday Gifts for Remote Learners

High school and college in 2020 certainly look different than in years past. Students are learning remotely or attending classes just a few days a week. Many extra-curricular clubs and sports are canceled or only meeting on Zoom. So many teens are isolated from their friends and teachers, making their school experience VERY strange.

Let’s try to make this holiday even brighter to make up for the dumpster fire that 2020 has been for our teens. I have fun gift ideas for remote learners that will make school a bit easier to handle. I also have ideas at multiple price points, in case you’re buying for your kid or, well, your cousin’s kid.

Don’t have time to read this all right now? Now worries! I put it all together in the 2020 Remote Learner Gift Guide. Download it for FREE by clicking on the button below!

gifts for remote learners guide

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12 Essential Holiday Gifts for Remote Learners

gifts for remote learners

Academic Planner

I will never NOT include an academic planner on this list. Teens, especially ones learning from home, need to track assignments and manage their own time. This planner from Order Out Of Chaos gives tons of space to do both!

How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away by Leslie Josel

This is one of my new favorite book releases. Written by Leslie Josel, How to Do It Now lays out practical strategies students can use to get work done on time!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Everyone has spent the year staring at screens. Give your teen’s eyes a break with these blue light blocking glasses that filter out the blue light from her laptop!

Wireless Headphones

If your remote learner is sharing a space with others (parents or siblings) then these are a must! These wireless headphones keep the class from hearing everything in your house and amplify your teen’s voice.

Analog Timer

To help students (of all ages) manage their time and get work done, I recommend an analog timer. Seeing the visual sweep of time helps them stay focused and finish on time!

Extra monitor

This gift is definitely for the big spender. It’s not unusual for students to have over a dozen different tabs open at once. Make remote learning easier with a second monitor!

Heated Electric Throw Blanket

If your house is like mine, it’s freezing when you’re sitting all day long. This cozy electric blanket will keep your remote learner warm and content!

Privacy Board

If your remote learner shares a workspace with roommates or a sibling, a privacy board can help them focus better on their own work. In a pinch, you can also use a science fair board from the Dollar Store.

Face Masks

We’re all wearing face masks. Get a few nice ones for your teen that speak to his fandoms – sports, TV series, or bands. I’m a Harry Potter fan, so these masks are right up my alley!

Subscription Box

If you’re not sure what to get your teen, get her a subscription box. Each month’s box comes with fun supplies and snacks to surprise your teen all year long! Here are some of my favorites for teens!

Online Classes

gifts for remote learners

Does your remote learner need help with studying? Organization? Note taking? I have an online course for that. No, really. I have online courses for all of those. Buy one today for the gift that keeps on giving!

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what teens want, I can tell you – it’s a gift card. Know their preferences? Go with a specific store. If you don’t know, a Target or Amazon gift card will be greatly welcomed!

gifts for remote learners guide

Hopefully, these products have given you some ideas for holiday gifts for remote learners in your life! If you haven’t already, download the 2020 Remote Learner Gift Guide – just click on the button above!

Which gifts are you getting your remote learner? Let me know in the comments below!

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