FREE Printable Student Planner Pages

FREE Printable Student Planner Pages

Y’all – I made FREE printable student planner pages for you!

I’ve been around a lot of high schoolers over the years and seen them use (or not use) their planners for a variety of reasons. Based on my experiences, my ideal planner would have

  • Enough room to write! The pre-printed ones tend to be TINY! Who is that planner for – elves??
  • Space to write down when the assignment is due. It’s one thing to write down you have a test. But when is that dang test?
  • A box to check off when the assignment is finished. It’s so satisfying to check that box!
  • Punched holes to go in a 3-ring notebook. Most of the planners sold in stores aren’t hole-punched. That means you can’t put the planner in your BIG notebook. Which means kids lose it. Ugh.

I’ve seen a LOT of planners.  Most of them were OK, but none had all of my requirements. Until now.


I whipped up some planner pages that fit all my requirements. (Where was this last year when I had to PAY for a planner for my Study Skills students?) These printable student planner pages are not dated, so you will need to write the dates in yourself. Other than that, print ’em off, put them in your notebook, and start writing down homework!

A few words about Printing

I have spent what feels like years of my life photocopying, so I have some advice. When you print the file, be sure to pick “Fit to Page.” Copy the pages 2-sided. Before you hole punch, however, turn your copies over so page 2 is facing you. THEN hole punch. That way, when you open your binder, you will see the entire week in front of you.


free printable planner pages


Try these out and let me know how they work! 

FREE Printable Student Planner Pages

Make your own student planner today!  Find these planner pages (and more) in the FREE Resource Library.



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Printable planner | Student Planner | Organized Student
Printable planner | Student Planner | Organized Student
Looking for printable student planner pages that are big enough to write in, have space to record extra information, and is FREE? I\'ve got you covered! | #studentplanner #printableplanner #organizedteen #studyskills

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