My Favorite Podcasts for Social Studies Nerds!

My Favorite Podcasts for Social Studies Nerds!

I love podcasts. Like really love podcasts. I probably listen to 10 hours of podcasts a week while walking outside, cooking, driving, working on the computer . . . you get the point. I listen to a variety of podcasts, but most fall under a typical high school’s Social Studies department: history (duh!), Government, Current Events, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology.

I clearly enjoy listening to podcasts. But they are also great to use with teens. Many teens don’t want to read (oh, the struggle!), but will happily listen to a podcast. They can also listen any time – on the bus, waiting for practice to start, or walking the dog.

Podcasts also go beyond the standard history or government narrative; teens can take a deep dive into a specific topic. They are perfect for furthering a personal passion or area of research! Also, since many air on NPR, they tend to be clear of curse words, though you do have to double-check.

How can you use Social Studies podcasts with your teens?

Parents – If you want to encourage an interest in Social Studies in your child, grab the free Reflection Guide I created for you. Maybe pick one dinner a week that you will discuss podcasts as a family. (Boy, does this give you a window into family discussions in my house when I was a kid!) BTW, that means that you listen to a podcast, too!

Let your kids know ahead of time what questions you will discuss, so they can prepare. (As a teacher, I ALWAYS had kids write down their answers before we discussed anything in class. That gives the quieter kid or the one who processes more slowly time to come up with an answer.) Then just work through the questions as a family.

Teachers – Assigning a Social Studies podcast would be great for a choice board, an enrichment activity, or extra credit, if you offer it. Just download the Reflection Guide, print it off, and hand it out to students. Easy peasy!

Got it? All right friend, clear some space on your phone and plan a long drive, ‘cause we have some listening to do!

My Favorite Podcasts for Social Studies Nerds


By far my favorite podcast for years! I do a little happy dance when I see there is a new episode. The hosts are all historians of American history. Each episode has a theme – Thanksgiving, hair, etc. The hosts explore the theme in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries to help explain the theme in today’s culture. The authors also talk a lot about historiography – how interpretations of history have changed over the course of centuries. This history geek geeks out! Fave episodes: Contagion, Charlottesville

More Perfect

Only 1 season so far and I’m waiting impatiently for the 2nd season. The AP US Government teacher in me LURVES this podcast. Each episode looks at major a Supreme Court case and/ or legal concept. This podcast would be incredibly useful for AP Government students! Or just anyone interested in the Supreme Court. Fave episode: Object Anyway


Loved the book and I love the podcast. The hosts basically try to figure out why we, as individuals and as communities, make certain economic choices. It’s really a combination of economics and psychology – a twofer! And this show is never dull. Fave (recent) episodes: So How Much Brain Damage Do I Have?, The Fracking Boom, a Baby Boom, and the Retreat From Marriage

Rough Translation

This one is brand new and I’m enjoying it so far. The host looks at an issue we’re facing in the US and sees how it plays out in another country. Sometimes the situations are strikingly similar and others times . . . not so much. But always fascinating! Fave episode: American Surrogate.

Code Switch

So.many.different.perspectives on this show! It delves into the history and current issues surrounding race in America. (And pairs really well with Backstory!) The hosts and contributors are all people of color – African Americans, Latinos, South Asian, East Asian, Muslim, Middle Eastern. For those who want to be better allies for POC, this is a must listen! Fave episodes: It’s Getting (Dangerously) Hot in Herre, We’re Still Talking About “My Family’s Slave”

Fresh Air

If you haven’t heard Terry Gross, the host of Fresh Air, interview a guest, you haven’t really heard a good interview. Seriously, she’s ah-mazing. The show is a mix of political, literary, music, and pop culture guests. Guess which ones I enjoy the most? (Psst – it’s the political ones!) Fave episodes: There are way too many to pick from. Seriously too many.

Bonus: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This one isn’t related to Social Studies, but is about my other obsession – Harry Potter. The hosts treat the books as a sacred text and take you on a DEEP dive into the books, their meaning, and how the books can impact our lives. While Potter fans will especially love it, I think anyone who enjoys books will dig it!

Don’t forget to grab the reflection guide before you go, yo!

What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Podcasts | Social Studies | History Podcasts | #favoritepodcasts

Podcasts | Social Studies | History Podcasts | #favoritepodcasts

Teens may not enjoy textbooks, but they LOVE podcasts. Get my favorite Social Studies podcasts and a free Reflection Guide to use at home or school! Click through to try them out yourself! | #socialstudies #history #podcasts #favoritepodcasts

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