DIY It This Year: Make Your School Supplies Awesome

DIY It This Year: Make Your School Supplies Awesome

When I was in school, it never occurred to me to personalize my supplies. The only personalized thing I ever had was my paper bag book covers. Yes, that was a thing. Other than that, I had the same yellow pencils, green scissors, and binders as my friends.

Yes, there were fancier folders and pencils available, but those school supplies were expensive. And I’ve been a thrifty back-to-school shopper from waaay back. Buy generic and move on. But those generic supplies are just so boring. And scream, “I bought this on sale.”

However, there are so many ways to personalize all your supplies! Pinterest can inspire anyone to make those school supplies more than basic – make them yours! Grab some glue, washi tape, glitter, and find some amazing projects below!

DIY School Supplies: How to Personalize Your Supplies

I am not the craftiest person in the world. I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, even with a ruler. And don’t even ask me to draw. I always have high expectations, but my execution usually lacks something. That being said, I think that I could successfully do these projects below. They are roughly organized within each category from easiest to the hardest.

DIY Notebooks

DIY Pencils

Let’s face it – yellow pencils are super boring. But you can make those pencils pop (and also make it impossible for someone to steal them) with just a few supplies.

DIY Everything Else

  • DIY Pencil Pouch from Mama Miss  – No need to keep that boring pencil pouch when you can make it wow!
  • Pencil Case from Instructables
  • Homework Caddy from Aunt Peaches- I love anything that uses leftover cereal boxes and some pretty tape
  • DIY Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboard from Lovely Indeed – Ack! Where was this when I was teaching and used a clipboard all the time?
  • Earbud Case from Make It – Love It – I highly recommend that you have some way to store your earbuds and cords in your bag. Here’s an option to DIY it!

Hopefully, these crafty projects will get you inspired to create some awesome DIY school supplies. And if you need a tutorial on those paper bag book covers, just hit me up! I’ve still got those skills 😆

Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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