Daylight Savings: How to Spend Your Extra Hour

Daylight Savings: How to Spend Your Extra Hour

It’s Spring Forward!

That’s right, Daylight Savings Time has started. The first few days are always ROUGH, but that extra hour of sunlight at night is pretty sweet, right?

It’s like we just got an extra hour in the day. Think of all the times you wished for an extra hour in the day! Well, you got it!

But don’t spend that extra hour just staring at your phone or watching Netflix. Instead, put it to work for you! So how are you using that extra hour of daylight?

How to Spend Your Extra Hour from Daylight Savings

Go outside

Granted, it’s still pretty cold in Colorado in March, but maybe you live somewhere warmer. So, enjoy some of that extra daylight outside. Soak up some Vitamin D and go for a walk. And as tempting as it is to listen to the music or a podcast, leave the earbuds out and just let your brain wander.


Your body was not made to sit at a desk all day. It was made to move. You will feel and learn better when you exercise regularly. This doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym every day, although that’s not a horrible idea. Take a walk, ride your bike, have a dance party in your room. Just move.

Quick Organization

Pick one thing to organize a day or this week and do it. You can organize a backpack, notebook, or desk drawer in minutes.

Pull everything out of it and clean it thoroughly. Backpacks go in the washing machine. Take a few wipes to notebooks or drawers. Go through all the objects you pulled out and place them in 3 piles – keep, give away, trash.

Now that your backpack or notebook is sparkling clean, only put back the items that actually belong there.

Planner maintenance

How is that planner looking? Lonely? Messy?

Even if your planner use has fallen off, a quick maintenance will get it going again. Starting with this week, add all your non-school commitments to the monthly AND weekly calendars. Then write in any school holidays. Throw in those tests and project dates that you already know. Any homework due this week? Be sure to add it.

In 15 minutes or less, your planner is ready to use again! Now set a reminder on your phone to actually open your planner each night!

Create a study plan

So, you have a test coming up that you want to study for. But wanting to study and actually studying are two different things. That’s why you need to create a study plan.

Use that newly refreshed planner and carve out time each day to study. Then write down what specific information you will study each day. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to study.

Enjoy that extra hour of sunlight during Daylight Savings and use it to your advantage! Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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