How to Cut the Stress This Holiday Season

How to Cut the Stress This Holiday Season

I love the holidays – I send Christmas cards, bake cookies, decorate the house, bake cookies, sing Christmas carols, watch holiday movies, and bake cookies.

However, along with all the fun comes the expectations. That you will attend holiday events, buy Christmas presents for everyone and their uncle, send Christmas cards. All while living your regular life. 

One year, we were preparing my bachelorette condo for sale. And that place took all our extra time. Enough that I had to cancel one of my favorite parts of the holiday – sending Christmas cards. I joke that it was cards or my sanity that year. But it really wasn’t a joke.

You don’t have to spend the entire month of December a jumble of nerves and to-do lists, though! I have some tips for getting through the holiday season with less stress and more fun!

How to Cut the Stress This Holiday Season

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Set Priorities

What are your 2-3 priorities for the holiday season. That one year I cut the cards, getting my condo ready to sell was one of those priorities. Your regular life (work or school) needs to be on the list. But what other things MUST you accomplish during the holidays? What would you LIKE to do? Who do you want to spend time with?

Schedule all the things that MUST get done or is a priority first. Then see if you have any extra time. If you do, awesome! If not, it’s time to prioritize your priorities. Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

If you have a partner or live with family, do this together or at least discuss your personal priorities. That way no one is surprised when you decide you can’t make Aunt Phyllis’ Ugly Sweater party this year.

Learn to Let Go

You can burn out easily during the holidays. The main way to stop that from happening is not trying to do all the things. Seriously.

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There are some events or traditions you just don’t have time for. If you set your priorities above, see which events go with those priorities AND fit in your schedule. If they don’t, say, “I’ll see you next year” and let it go.

Cut Back on Stuff

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During the holidays, there are so many gifts to give. Not just family and close friends, but teachers, co-workers, the mailman, your stylist. That list can get intimidating real quick. And when will you shop? And wrap those gifts?

We picked a single type of gift that we give to the people who help us in life – teachers, stylists, etc. I love to bake, so they get some baked goods and a gift card. I was baking anyway and I can pick up the cards while doing my regular shopping. Done and done. 

With our family, we have cut back as well. Instead of giving things, we are focused on experiences. You could give a movie and dinner out or sponsor a month’s lessons. (I have tons of ideas!) Giving experiences gifts had made the season so much easier for us and spreads the fun out over the entire year. 

Me Time

While you’re scheduling things, schedule some downtime for yourself. That time could look very different from person to person. You might watch​ your favorite holiday movie, get some sleep, grab a coffee with a friend, or get a massage. (I have ideas for both teachers and students.) In other words, you do you.

​Maybe you can squeeze in those Christmas cards this year! Whatever happens, I hope you have a happy (and stress-free) holiday season!

​How do you handle holiday stress? Let me know in the comments below!

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