Cozy Holiday Gifts that Both Students & Teachers Will Love

Cozy Holiday Gifts that Both Students & Teachers Will Love

Snow is falling outside your window. But you’re warm inside. There is a mug of hot chocolate on your desk, next to your favorite pens. You’re wearing the softest blanket. The chill music playing in the background and the calming scent coming from your candle keeps you in the zone.

Doesn’t that scene just sound cozy? I want to snuggle under that blanket, sip some hot chocolate, and watch the snow while I get work done. Would I like to just watch the snow? Yes, but we all have work to complete. So why not be super cozy and comfy while doing it?

For this holiday season, I’ve collected some of the coziest gifts I can find for students and teachers. (This teacher will happily accept anything on this list!) Seriously, you can’t go wrong. Some gifts are just ready for stockings, while others are a bit more a splurge. Check these cozy gifts out and get inspired. And I won’t judge if you pick up something for yourself, too!

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Cozy Gifts that Both Students & Teachers Will Love

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Create a Cozy Work Space

Bean Bag Lounger

When you just can’t handle a real chair and desk, but need to study somewhere other than the bed! Try out this bean bag lounger that includes back support.

Photo Clips String Lights

Warm up that bedroom or dorm room with these string lights. Use the clips to add photos, notes to self, or artwork.

Scented Candles

Nothing says cozy like being serene and calm. These scented candles will help you achieve the ultimate cozy feel.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

If candles aren’t your thing or you’re in a space that doesn’t allow open flames (hello dorm room!), then an aromatherapy diffuser can help you achieve that Zen state.

Cozy Personal Care

Wearable Blanket

If you’ve ever tried to wrap a blanket around you while working, this is the answer. This wearable blanket even includes a hood to keep those ears toasty warm. (My home office is freezing, so this seems right up my alley.)

Warmies Slippers

Ya’ll, these slippers are microwavable. That’s right – heated slippers. I cannot think of a better way to unwind after a tough exam or a day of studying.

Women’s Fuzzy Socks

As a person whose feet are always cold, I would love to slip into these fuzzy socks!

Facial Masks

All that cold, dry air can really do a number on your skin. Grab a facial mask and take 15 minutes to relax.

Office Supplies

Rocketbook Fusion Notebook

Never use a piece of paper again for school! The Rocketbook Fusion is a notebook for class, planner, and task list all in one. These are ideal for high school and college students, both in-person and remote! I love my Rocketbook – find out how to use it here.

Sticky Notes Set

I love a good sticky note. So get them in all the shapes and sizes with this handy sticky notes set!

Perpetual Calendar

This perpetual calendar is good for each and every year. Not only is it beautiful, but also includes inspirational quotes to keep you going day after day.

Pencil Case

Corral all your favorite pens and pencils in this pencil case. It even expands for the pen fanatics in the crowd.

Mr. Pen Erasers

Students always need an eraser, so you might as well make it adorable! These erasers have “stocking stuffer” written all over them!

Inspirational Quote Stickers

Grab these motivational stickers for all the students and teachers in your life. They are cute and inspiring! Slap them on a planner, notebook, or laptop.

Cozy Snacks

Mug Warmer

Keep that coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm while you’re working! This mug warmer will get you through the coldest days.

Electric Kettle

For the college student or teacher in your life, grab an electric kettle. They get almost instant hot water for their winter beverage of choice.

Hot Cocoa Mix Variety Pack

Nothing says “cozy” like a mug of hot chocolate. Grab this hot chocolate variety pack to shake up your hot cocoa game or share with friends.

Which cozy gifts do you have in mind for the students or teachers in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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