The Best Gifts for the Coffee Addicted Teacher

The Best Gifts for the Coffee Addicted Teacher

I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Ready?

Teachers love coffee. Like, really 🤎 it.

In every school I have taught in, the coffee maker is the hottest spot, next to the copy machine. Above the aroma of brewing coffee and clinking of spoons, there is some chatter about the weather combined with student gossip.

Almost every teacher starts the morning with a fresh cup o’ joe. And maybe grabs another cup during the day. Because teachers are tired all.the.time.

If you’re trying to pick out a gift for the teacher(s) in your life, you are probably safe buying something coffee-related. Just a note – not every teacher drinks coffee 🙋🏽‍♀️. If your teacher doesn’t seem to ever have a cup of coffee on his or her desk, take a look at some of my other teacher gift guides here or here.

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The Best Gifts for Coffee Addicted Teachers

Coffee-Making Paraphernalia

Coffee Gift Set

The most obvious gift is coffee. Duh. You can find all sorts of coffee gift sets around the holidays. Or if you know they have a favorite brand, buy that brand for them.

Reusable Keurig Pods

Just as many homes have a Keurig machine, so do many schools. Do some sleuthing. If the school has Keurig machines, pick up some reusable pods and gift them along with a coffee set (see above.)

Coffee spoon

Every coffee drinker uses a spoon. Often in schools, those are plastic spoons that are then thrown away. Help save the planet with a cute coffee spoon that won’t be left behind.

Coffee Mug

Every teacher’s workroom or lounge is filled with the most random collection of coffee mugs. Get your teacher a new mug, but make it nice. Personalize it based on their current obsession, include a lid for teachers who move from room to room, or get an insulated mug one for the teacher drinking that same cold cup at lunch.

Coffee Mug Warmer

I have definitely seen teachers warming up coffee in the microwave. Yikes! Instead, help your teacher keep that cup warm with a mug warmer!

Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

For the teacher who’s always sipping an iced coffee! They can make ice cubes from coffee and keep from watering down their coffee. This ice cube tray is genius!


We all know that coffee can lead to . . . coffee breath. And no one knows that better than students. Give something to your teacher that makes your life a little easier.

Earn a few brownie points by personalizing those mints for your teacher. Just look up whatever your teacher geeks out over – Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star War, etc – and mints in Amazon. I found these Harry Potter mints in about 2 seconds.

Coffee-Related Gifts

Coffee Scents

Coffee addicts just love the smell of coffee. Help your teacher relax with a coffee-scented candle or bath bombs.


Teachers love coffee and wear socks. Why not combine both these coffee socks?

Books about Coffee

Teachers love to read and learn. Give them a book to read all about their favorite thing!

Coffee Candy

We’ve all gotten to the point in the day where the only thing better than caffeine is chocolate. Get your teacher a little pick-me-up for those long afternoons that combines both coffee AND chocolate!

Gift Cards

Not sure what to get your coffee-addicted teacher? Not sure if that’s coffee or Diet Coke in your teacher’s mug? (Psst – mine is Diet Coke.) Get a gift card from a local coffee shop or the one nearest the school with a drive-through. Even those of us who don’t drink coffee can still use them!

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for gifts for the coffee-loving teacher in your life! If you didn’t find just the right gift, check out my other teacher gift guides:

What is the best coffee present you’ve ever given or received? Let me know in the comments below!

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