9 Top Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Teen

9 Top Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Teen

If I let him, my husband would set up our Christmas decorations on November 1. But I won’t let him. I firmly believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. So, no decorations until after Thanksgiving.

And then we go big. Big tree, lots of lights outside, Christmas music all the time, cookies, Christmas movies every week, and chocolate. And don’t forget the leg lamp in our front window!

Once Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to bust out my favorite holiday movies to binge. However, I’ve never been a fan of the super sappy Christmas movies (I’m 👀 at you, Hallmark.) Even the classic Christmas movies are just too schmaltzy for me.

Luckily, you know who else loves snark and sarcasm at Christmas? Teens, that’s who. My students and I tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to Christmas movies.

Make this a family event! Get some popcorn, blankets, and pillows and settle in for an epic family holiday movie marathon! If you’re looking for some other ways to build memories with your teens over Winter Break, I have some ideas for you!

I searched on streaming services for these movies. Sadly, none are available on Netflix, but most can be watched or rented from Amazon. Don’t forget good old cable, though! Most of these air at some point over the holiday. Do a quick search and set the DVR!

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9 Top Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Teen

Christmas movies

A Christmas Story – PG

Ralphie wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas SOOOO badly. Will he get one? Who doesn’t love the story of Ralphie’s Christmas? My husband watches it on TV at least twice on Christmas day. Did I mention that we have a leg lamp in our front window?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – PG-13

The Griswolds try to have an “old-fashioned family Christmas” with extended family visiting. Hilarity ensues. This is, no lie, my favorite Christmas movie. Full of sarcasm, weird family members, and so many one-liners. This movie never gets old for me.

Elf – PG

Buddy, raised as one of Santa’s Helpers, leaves the North Pole for New York to find his biological father. OK, most kids love Elf as well. It’s definitely more wholesome than the rest of the list, but it’s always a winner.

Home Alone – PG

Kevin gets left alone in his home. But he must protect it when burglars try to break in. This is a modern classic (though honestly not my favorite.)

Scrooged – PG-13

An updated version of A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray stars as a ruthless TV exec who is visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas night. Bring on the sarcasm and 80s haircuts!

Love Actually – R

A lovely, bittersweet movie. Multiple storylines about love and loss that all center around Christmas. Definitely not for the little ones, but oh-so-good.

The Family Stone – PG-13

Another bittersweet movie centered around Christmas. Everett brings his girlfriend home to visit his family (the Stones) and no one is thrilled. So awkward and still sweet at the same time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – PG

The King of Halloweentown discovers Christmas Town and decides to take over the holiday. If you think Christmas needs a creepier vibe, this is for you!

Harry Potter series – PG-13

A boy wizard must save the world from Lord Voldemort. All right, I know these aren’t Christmassy movies, but part of each movie does take place during Christmas. You knew I had to include a nod to my favorite book series in this list. (See here and here.)

Talk over some of these with your teens and make a must-watch list for this holiday!

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments below!

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