3 Ways to Pick the Best Study Snacks

3 Ways to Pick the Best Study Snacks

You’ve just gotten home after a long day and you need to get work done. But you’re tired and cranky and hungry. You open the pantry door and try to pick out some study snacks. Hmm, those salty chips or that apple?

What do you reach for? Will it help fuel you through the afternoon and your next study session? You want to pick study snacks that will make your afternoon and evening MORE productive, not less. Let’s talk about what you need to create that perfect snack!

3 Ways to Pick the Best Study Snacks

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Know What You Need

While we all want the chocolate chip cookie in the pantry, it’s not your best choice. You want something that will fill you up, keep you going, and isn’t 10,000 calories. (Unless you’re planning on jogging for about 10 miles to work that cookie off.) That cookie is definitely a study fail.

Instead, look for a snack that contains these 3 key things: fiber, protein, and healthy fat. The fiber will help you feel full for longer, protein helps your brain focus, and healthy fats fuel your cells.

Now, before you reach for the cheese-covered popcorn, slow your roll. That processed goodness comes with all other sorts of salt, sugar, and other chemicals. Instead, head to the fruit bowl or those carrot sticks in the fridge.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Fruits and vegetables are your best friends when it comes to study snacks.” quote=”Fruits and vegetables are your best friends when it comes to study snacks.”]

Fruits and vegetables have tons of fiber to keep you full longer. They are also low in calories, so you won’t need to work them off later. (And most Americans don’t get anywhere near the amount we’re supposed to!) Spoon a little dressing or hummus onto your plate with your carrots and celery and start crunching.

Now comes the fun part. Start assembling a study snack that contains all the good things your brain and body need. Maybe some grapes and a cheese stick. How about veggies and hummus? Hard-boiled eggs are dirt cheap and an ideal study snack. If it’s cold outside, some oatmeal with fresh fruit would warm you right up! Want to be all hipster? Try some avocado toast this afternoon. There are SO many delicious and healthy snack combinations you can create!

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A word about caffeine. You might be tired, but an energy drink is not a good choice right now. If you’re trying to study late at night, you need sleep more than you need to study. Seriously, go to bed.

Know When & How You Should Eat

Are you snacking because you’re hangry or snacking because you’re bored with your Chem studying? We usually need to eat every 3-4 hours, so think about when you last ate. If it was 2 hours ago, you might just be bored. I ask myself, “Am I so hungry that I will eat [insert fruit or veggie in my kitchen]?” If I won’t eat it, I’m not actually hungry.

I bought the world’s largest bag of popcorn at Costco recently and instantly regretted it. I just opened the bag and mindlessly stuffed my mouth while scrolling on my phone or watching TV. Before I knew it, I’d blown through most of the bag. By myself.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Take a few minutes to just concentrate on eating and nothing else.” quote=”Take a few minutes to just concentrate on eating and nothing else.”]

Instead, spend a few minutes just enjoying your food. While you’re eating your snack, don’t do anything else. Don’t text, read an article, or watch tv. Consider it your moment of zen.

Getting up to get a snack and then eating it could also easily fill your 5-minute break during Pomodoro sessions!

Plan, Plan, Plan

If walking through the front door is the first time you’ve thought about study snacks this week, you will end up eating those Doritos out of the bag. Instead, you’re better off planning your snacks in advance.

Write a shopping list and purchase some staples at the store – fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, or raw nuts. Prep any items ahead of time, such as cutting up vegetables or placing items into single serve bags. The more work you can do preparing, means you will eat healthier during your study sessions.

If you’re in a study group, plan out the snacks the week before. This will save everyone time at the store and during the group session!

Hopefully, this will help you think long and hard the next time you peer into the pantry for a study snack. Keep your brain and body humming along with something healthy. Save the sugary sweets (hello ice cream!) for after the exam.

What is your favorite study snack? Let me know in the comments below!

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