The Best Student Planner for your Teen

The Best Student Planner for your Teen

The clock is ticking down . . . to the first day of school. And in some places, school started this week. This week, people. Are you ready? Is your teen?

If your teen only goes back to school with 1 school supply, I want it to be a student planner. And maybe a pencil to write in the planner. Student planners are so important to student organization, time management, and work completion. See my posts on the real purpose of a planner and for tips to get your teen to use a planner.

But it shouldn’t be just any old planner. Yes, the one the school provides is fine. However, there are MUCH better student planners out on the market. Planners that will make your children look like time management professionals. Seriously. (And, you can use it, too!)

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The Best Student Planner for Teens

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I am in love with the Academic Planner from Order Out of Chaos. I found it last year while researching my post on planner use. Frankly, I wasn’t pleased with any of the student planners I’d seen or used. After teaching for 15 years, here are my requirements for an academic planner:

  • full-sized with plenty of space to write down assignments AND after-school commitments
  • monthly and weekly calendars
  • hole-punched (so your teen can put it in a binder)
  • spot to check off assignments as they are completed

Yet, I couldn’t find a single planner that met those requirements. Am I just too picky?? Nope. Turns out I just needed to search a little longer.

Why do I love the Order Out of Chaos planner? Just watch my little video below for the many reasons.

Hopefully, now you love the Academic Planner as much as I do. And now you want to order one for your teen (and yourself.) Head over to the Order Out of Chaos website and pick up your planner! I also recommend grabbing the Academic Planner accessories pack with the page marker and month tabs in them!

Looking for more help? In the Resource Library, you will find printables, checklists, and reference guides from everything from test strategies to organizing a backpack.

You’ve bought the best planner for your teen. Now what? Head over to my post on teen planner use to set up that gorgeous planner and teach your teen how to use it!

Let me know how you like the planner in the comments below! 

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