Back-to-School Goals: How They Can Make A Better You

Back-to-School Goals: How They Can Make A Better You

I love to bake and most of the time it ends well. Meaning that I eat a lot of sugar and deliciousness. But sometimes, it doesn’t go so well.

One year, my husband asked for a pecan pie for Thanksgiving. I thought I had it in the bag when I started on Tuesday. Until the first pie didn’t set; I’d made pecan pie soup. So, I found another recipe and made a second pie on Wednesday. That also didn’t set.

Cue me rolling up my sleeves and taking a deep baking dive on the interwebs. What had gone wrong? What did I need to change for the next time?

Turns out that altitude has a large impact on pecan pies. Since I live in the Mile High City (altitude 5,280 feet), I needed to make major adjustments to the recipe and the methods I used to make the pie. Thankfully, that third pie set up and my husband got to eat his favorite pie for Thanksgiving. And my guests never knew that I made 3 frickin’ pies that year.

Maybe last school year was your version of pecan pie #1 or #2 – nothing worked the way you hoped it would. I’ve had those years as a student and a teacher. Or maybe last year was pecan pie #3 – it was good, but there was room for improvement.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Back-to-School is a chance to start over and do things differently and better this time.” quote=”Back-to-School is a chance to start over and do things differently and better this time.”]

The most awesome thing about school, whether you’re a student or a teacher, is the fresh start you get each and every year. Back-to-School is a chance to start over and do things differently and better this time. Setting goals is the most important way you can make those positive changes.

Even better, your new teachers or students won’t know about the changes you made. They will think you’ve always been awesome!

smart goals

Let’s dive into ways to make some positive changes for next year through those Back-to-School Goals!

Back-to-Schools Goals: How They Can Make a Better You

back to school goals

Reflect on last year

What went right last year and what were some challenges last year? Which habits from last year do you want to keep and which ones do you want to kick to the curb?

The only way to figure out what Back-to-School goals to set this year is by reflecting on last year. This doesn’t have to take a ton of time, but just some real thought from you. Grab an index card, a pen, and your thinking cap! (Psst – I have a list of questions in my post on reflection.)

Select Areas of Focus

After reflecting on last year, what area or areas stand out as challenges? Maybe it’s homework completion, taking notes in class, staying organized, asking for help, or meeting new people.

While this may be the Year of the Brand New You, realize that you can only make so much massive change at once. Pick 2-3 things to focus on at a time. After you meet those goals, you can focus on other areas.

Write SMART goals

Research has found that goals that are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely – are more likely to be achieved. Looking for more help with this? Check out my post on SMART goals.

If your goal is to “be a better student”, chances are nothing will change. However, if your goal is to “turn in 9 out of 10 homework assignments in the next grading period”, you are much more likely to achieve it.

Your goal needs to be action-oriented. Let’s say that you want to be more organized – what systems will you try and for how long to become more organized? You must get specific and list the actions you need to take. That’s how you change.

Commit Yo’ Self

It’s one thing to write a goal. It’s another to actually carry out the dang steps. So, grab a calendar or your planner and start writing those action steps on it!

Place that calendar somewhere you will see it on a regular basis – in your notebook, on the bathroom mirror or fridge door. You can also share your plan with someone else and have them help you stay on track!

If last school year wasn’t as perfect as you know it could have been, try setting some Back-to-School goals this year! I promise that you won’t regret it!

smart goals

What are your Back-to-School goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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