3 Reasons Audiobooks are Awesome for Learners

3 Reasons Audiobooks are Awesome for Learners

I discovered the joy of audiobooks as an adult. I had a 45-minute commute to my first teaching job. While I love the radio, it got old fast. But my mom had purchased the first few Harry Potter books (on cassette) and offered them to me. Within 30 minutes I was hooked on the Potter series and audiobooks.

As an educator, I also learned that audiobooks are amazing for students. For students who struggle with reading, listening to the text is a game-changer.

Audiobooks are also great for students with busy schedules, like athletes. Throw those earbuds in your bag and get caught up while riding to the game on the bus.

I know that some worry that listening to audiobooks is “cheating.” Relax – it’s not. Let’s jump into all the reasons you need to grab an audio version of your next assigned text or just a fun summer read!

3 Reasons Audiobooks are Awesome for Students

Make Reading Easier

The goal in reading is rarely just to read – in school settings, it’s to learn new information. Audiobooks provide the same information to students, but are a more usable source. Students don’t have to struggle to sound words out or decode the word’s meaning while learning new content.

Audiobooks also allow students to keep up with grade-level material and read the same books as their peers, which can motivate them to keep reading.

Save Time

Some students read very slowly and the assigned text can be time-consuming. But they can listen at a much faster speed, allowing them to learn more efficiently. 

Students have crazy schedules. Sometimes long commutes or breaks can be the best time to listen to an audiobook. At one of my former schools, athletes regularly traveled 1-2 hours to each game; listening to audio versions on the bus saved them time!

Improve Our Skills

Some parents worry that kids who struggle with reading will be hurt by using audiobooks. Not true! A 2018 study, found no difference in comprehension between those who read a book, those who listened, and those who did both. Additionally, experts tell us that listening to audiobooks actually helps your reading and listening skills. 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Read the book and listen to the audio version at the same time for the most benefit.” quote=”Read the book and listen to the audio version at the same time for the most benefit.”]

Audiobooks often expose us to new vocabulary and content beyond our current reading capabilities. That encourages us to keep reading and learning!

Where To Find Audiobooks

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My favorite source of audiobooks is my public library. This is also my go-to for English class. Many of the “classics” that students read in school are available for free through the library. Most library systems in the U.S. use the Libby app. Download it and start getting those sweet audiobooks. 

There are many different apps to buy audiobooks. I recommend Libro.fm. You can purchase audiobooks for the same price as Amazon, but support independent, local bookstores in the process. Many of the books I’ve recommended in the past are available through Libro.fm in audio form.

You can also find audio versions of textbooks, as well. But here’s the bad news – they are not great. Many are read by computers, not actual humans. So the text that didn’t fascinate you before just got more boring. However, something is better than nothing. Look on the textbook’s website for the audio version.

Grab that assigned reading list or summer reading recommendations and download some audio versions today. You will improve your reading skills and learn at the same time!

How do audiobooks help you? Let me know in the comments below!

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