All Things Holiday

All Things Holiday

The holidays can get a bit hectic, no? I'm all for sitting down at the computer with a list and doing all my brainstorming and shopping at once! So, here I've collected all my holiday-related posts: gift guides, advice, self-care, New Year's resolutions.  Anything you need to get through to the new year.

Let's dig in!

Gift Guides

Cozy Holiday Gifts that Both Students & Teachers Will Love
Snow is falling outside your window. But you’re warm inside. There is a mug of hot chocolate on your desk,[...]
10 Holiday Gifts Remote Teachers Will Adore
We all know that 2020 is a year for the history books. One of the groups that have seen the[...]
12 Essential Holiday Gifts for Remote Learners
High school and college in 2020 certainly look different than in years past. Students are learning remotely or attending classes[...]
The Best Gifts for the Coffee Addicted Teacher
I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Ready? Teachers love coffee. Like, really 🤎 it. In every[...]
Build Memories that Last with an Experience Gift
I remember very few gifts that I received as a kid - the My Little Pony barn (it was 🔥)[...]
Fun and Useful Stocking Stuffers for Teens
When I was dating the man who became my husband, I figured out really quickly that Christmas is his jam.[...]
Awesome Gifts for the Harry Potter Obsessed Teacher
So, I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan. Just a bit. I’ve written about Harry Potter here and here.[...]
What NOT to Buy a Teacher for Christmas
In my husband's favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story”, every student gives their teacher the same gift - an apple[...]
Christmas Gifts that will Make your Teen a Better Student
It’s the most magical time of the year - no, not the end of the school year. It’s the holiday[...]


7 Ways for Teens (and All of Us) to Give Back This Holiday
“Do you think a 5-year old would like this toy? Or maybe this one instead?” I was chaperoning a trip[...]
5 Ways to Stay Sane This Holiday Season
In my favorite Christmas movie of all time, Clark Griswold wants nothing more than an “old-fashioned family Christmas.” Though he[...]
Holiday Kindness: 7 Ways to Be Kind This Holiday
I walked into my classroom and found a chocolate milkshake on my desk. There was no note and my students[...]
How to Cut the Stress This Holiday Season
I love the holidays - I send Christmas cards, bake cookies, decorate the house, bake cookies, sing Christmas carols, watch[...]
How to Be Productive Over Winter Break
As both a student and teacher, I looked forward to Winter Break. (Probably even more as a teacher.) I always[...]
How to Study Effectively during the Holidays
During December, I am a baking whirling dervish. I bake hundreds of cookies to hand out to family, friends, coworkers,[...]


Holiday Bucket List: 25 Fun Activities for Teens & Families
Do you want to enjoy the holidays, but you’re not where to start? I’ve created a holiday bucket list, brimming[...]
30 Holiday Treats to Make with Your Teen
“Ms. P, Merry Christmas! These cookies are for you!” My 8th-grade student then spent 5 minutes describing the weekend he[...]
9 Top Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Teen
If I let him, my husband would set up our Christmas decorations on November 1. But I won’t let him.[...]
9 Ways to Bond with Your Teen over Christmas Vacation
I was raised by a busy single mom. But every year she took extra time off during Christmas vacation to[...]

New Year's

Daily Habits for Teens to Start in the New Year
A few years ago, I asked for a Fitbit for my birthday. I'd stopped exercising during a particularly stressful year.[...]
How Teens Can Get Organized for the New Year
New Year = New You! You know you’re going to see that phrase all over the TV, your Instagram feed,[...]
New Year’s Quotes to Get You Motivated
Looking at my older brother's yearbook pictures from the 1980s are a treat. (Sadly, he would not let me actually[...]
How Teens Can Make (and Keep) New Year’s Resolutions
Are you ready? It’s time for the New Year’s countdown! 10, 9 - Get your glass of bubbly cider and[...]