About LP Tutoring

Hi, I’m Louisa from LP Tutoring! I’m a high school Social Studies and Study Skills teacher. I have 20+ years of experience teaching teenagers Social Studies and English content, research and writing, study skills, organization, or planning help.

I strive to provide students with more attention and support than is available in the classroom. I want all my students to feel prepared and experience success in school!

My Story

I knew in 7th grade (7th grade!) that I wanted to be a high school history teacher. I come from a long line of both history buffs and teachers, so it was practically in my blood. In fact, 5 of my cousins are teachers and 3 of us teach history! After graduating from the College of William & Mary with a BA in History, I started my teaching career in northern Virginia. I most recently taught at Northfield High School in Denver, CO.

I’ve taught all the required Social Studies courses – World History, US History, US Government – and taught all levels from co-taught to AP. I also started teaching study skills classes, focusing on organization, study skills, and writing. Along the way, I picked up 2 graduate degrees, one in Education and another in Public Policy, a government-related field. ‘Cause I love school.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, I’ve worked with students one-on-one, creating curriculum and lessons tailored to my students’ individual needs. Some students just wanted to focus on preparation for AP exams, while others were recovering from extended absences due to health.

In 2016, my beautiful daughter was born and I decided to leave teaching. However, I quickly realized that I missed my students! The kids are the best part of teaching! So, I started tutoring both online and in-person. And I LOVE it! I get the best of both worlds – working with teens and building relationships with their parents plus no grading!

Your Story

So, what’s going on in your house? Is homework time stressful? Do you come back from parent conferences defeated or distressed? Is your teen struggling, but you can’t figure out why? Contact me today because I can help!

If you’re looking for some resources, join my FREE resource library! It’s chock full of checklists, reference guides, and worksheets that will help your teen get organized, improve his study skills, and prepare for AP exams!

Want more help, like right now? Learn more about my online courses, Organization Jumpstart and Study Smarter. They are available 24/7!

Interested in tutoring? Check out my Tutoring page to find out more about in-person and online tutoring opportunities!

Thanks for spending some time with me and getting to know me better. I hope to talk to you soon!

about LP Tutoring