Make The 2019 State of the Union More Fun with Bingo

Hey, if you’re reading this in 2020 – head to the 2020 bingo cards!

It’s that time of year again! That’s right – President Trump will give the State of the Union Speech on Tuesday, February 5. (Fingers crossed.)

What to expect:

  • A lot of clapping
  • Some signature phrases
  • Horn tooting
  • Political drama

Let’s face it – the State of the Union is long and not that exciting. But you can make it a bit more interesting with these 2019 State of the Union bingo cards!

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When I taught US Government, students were required to watch, but I wanted to the make the process more interactive. While there are a lot of bingo cards available on the internet, it’s usually just a single card. I wanted to make it more like a game for my students by creating multiple cards.

Just a quick notes on the cards themselves: There are 4 different cards. Players will spend more time listening for the terms on their cards. However, the ones in italics are actions – look for those!

resource library

Directions for 2019 State of the Union Bingo

2019 State of the Union Bingo

For funsies:

Invite friends over to watch. Print out as many copies of each card as you need. Hand out to friends. If you want to, discuss some of the questions on the viewing guide. Or not. Whatevs. Just enjoy!

For teachers:

Copy the bingo card on 1 side and the watching guide on the other. I required students to complete the watching guide by the next class.

If students don’t have access to a TV during the State of the Union, it will also be on the radio and the internet. They will be able to watch it almost immediately afterward on the internet.

In class, we spent most of our time going over the viewing guide and it always led to some interesting conversation. I gave a small piece of candy to students who had the winning card. It’s also useful to follow some of the president’s proposals over time – which ones progress and which ones don’t.

And because I want to encourage people to watch the State of the Union, here are the bingo boards and the watching guide for FREE. You don’t even have to hand over an e-mail address to get them! Just click on the button below.

2019 State of the Union Bingo

Enjoy the 2019 State of Union bingo and let me know how it goes in your home or classroom!

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