10 Day Organized Student Challenge!

10 Day Organized Student Challenge!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for your interest! The 10-Day Organized Challenge is no longer active. However, you can sign up for my FREE online course, Organization Jumpstart! I’ll cover the most important organizational areas – planners, notebooks, and backpacks. Learn more and sign up today!


Y’all, I am so excited to introduce the 10 Day Organized Student Challenge, starting Monday, April 3!

Your teacher asks for the homework. You did it, but don’t know where it is. You have 2 tests, a project, and 1 game this week – you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where (or how) to start. Your planner is empty and pining away for you. (It’s super sad and writing really bad poetry.) Now, imagine a world where you have the homework, know how to prepare for a CRAZY week, and are using that dang planner every day!

That world exists – IF you sign up for the 10 Day Organized Student Challenge! Whip yourself into shape. The end of the school year is ROUGH in high school – AP and IB exams, state testing, SATs, ACTs, and final exams. Get organized NOW to maximize study time and be successful on those high-stakes tests.

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You can expect . . .

This is an e-mail challenge, meaning I will send you 1 e-mail a day with the topic and activities for that day. You will need to set aside about 30 minutes per day (some will be a few more minutes, some will be a few less) to get organized. We will also document our progress on Instagram and meet other members of the challenge! (#lptchallenge).

In addition to the activities, I will provide EXCLUSIVE tips and tricks that will help you stay organized and become more efficient. That’s right – you won’t find these tips on the blog!


  • Planners & Calendars
  • Homework Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Backpacks
  • Study Spaces

I’d ask you to trust me on this, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself.  You can finish the school year without getting organized OR you can walk away from this challenge with new strategies you can implement right away – strategies that will improve your grades and confidence!

Will I see you on April 3 for the 10 Day Organized Student Challenge? If you know someone who might benefit from this challenge, click on the social media share buttons below and share it with them.

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