Snack Break – Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies

Snack Break – Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies

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School ended this week here in Denver! My students are taking the summer off and so am I. Snack Break will be every other week this summer. Also, my husband and I are watching our calories. Fewer treats = looser waistbands.


Our Snack – Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies

[one-half-first]Snack Break Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Snack break Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies[/one-half]


“Go big AND go home!” That was the message for my former co-workers when I dropped off these Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies this week. Grading is mind-numbing and chocolate makes it better every time. I have made these before and they always come out great. Although, this time they took FOREVER to finish baking. I think I went at least 20 minutes over the time listed in the recipe. In the past, I used a glass baking pan, but I used a disposable aluminum pan this time. I suspect the pan was the problem.


On my radar this week:

I finished Lincoln in the Bardo and LOVED it. I mentioned last week that I can’t handle stories about a child’s death. Though a child’s death starts the action in this book, it’s about way more than that.


I’ve stayed up late every night reading Hillbilly Elegy this week as well. I’ve taught in urban schools for much of my career and see so many similarities between the two populations. It reminded me of the Black Jeopardy skit on SNL this season with Tom Hanks. BTW, I think it’s one of the best sketches of the entire season.


I am obsessed with any article about baby names. I came across this one and I hate almost every name on the list. Except Adeline. I love old-fashioned names, but only with the standard spelling. As someone who has spelled both my first and last names my entire life, it gets old real fast. “Cute” spellings give me an eye tick.


I finally finished season 2 of Outlander last week, only to discover that the new season doesn’t start until September. Whomp-whomp. Of course, I’ve read the books so I know what happens 🙂 What shows are you waiting for?


National Donut Day was Friday, but I did not partake because . . . I don’t like donuts. I turn down donuts every single time. I love all things sweets and bread, but donuts do nothing for me. Apparently, only 4% of Americans are with me in the anti-donut camp. Is there a food that everyone else seems to love that you can’t stand?


If your school is out for the summer, have a great week do nothing! If school is still session (looking at you northern Virginia!), hang in there. You can rub your late August vacation in everyone’s faces later.

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